Communication to Citizens From the Cleaning Service of Lixouri Municipality

Dear fellow citizens

The priority of our Municipal Authority is a clean municipality of Lixouri and a beautiful and healthy environment for residents, professionals and visitors.

The most important step in keeping our city clean and giving it the image we all want is, first of all, a well-organized and fully equipped Cleaning Service, and we will work in that direction.

But that alone is not enough.

Cooperation and active participation of citizens on the basis of a framework of principles and rules is a prerequisite.

The Service receives, after prior consultation on the day and time, the concerned Citizens, household appliances, mattresses, furniture, utensils, etc., provided that the latter come from the usual use of houses, households, etc. .Pi. and not for professional or other use.

Under no circumstances may such items be placed on the road or on the sidewalk, but may be received by the municipality by telephone by contacting the cleaning service (tel: 26713-60907 and 26710-91018) and after paying the special collection fee to in the case of many bulky objects.

Specially for horticultural products: leaves, dried flowers, garden cleaning supplies, lawn, etc. are packed in durable plastic bags such as household waste. In case of dumping on the sidewalk unpacked (in bulk), the responsible person shall be fined in accordance with the applicable cleaning regulations.

In the case of large volumes of objects, e.g. bulky that come from renovations or remnants of construction work, the citizen is responsible for their removal.

Finally, the Municipality of Lixouri informs the Citizens that, for their convenience, they can place the bulky objects themselves in the Municipal Warehouse, at Soularoi, daily 7:30 to 13:30 and Saturday 09:30 to 13:30, while exclusively pruning products can be transported to the site of the old slaughterhouse designated at the Ypapanti site where they are broken.

We want you allies in the quest for a clean city and clean villages!

The Deputy Mayor of Cleanliness


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