Compulsory vaccination: Fines for those who have not been vaccinated over 60, from today – Who are excluded

The fines for those over 60 who have not been vaccinated or have not made an appointment for vaccination until yesterday start today.

It was known that there was no possibility of any extension, so the 60-year-olds who did not get vaccinated against coronavirus or did not rush to make an appointment for coronavirus vaccination until last night at 23:59, from today will be required fine of 100 euros per month, as decided by the government.

The financial “penalty” will be certified through AADE and the proceeds will go to a special fund to strengthen the NSS.

As of today, the process of final crossings between the GIS, IDIKA and AADE of the AMKA and the AFM of the vaccinated citizens of the specific age group begins, in order to compile the final list, and by the end of the month to make the certificates of fines (50 euros for January – half a month – and 100 euros from February).

However, as Kyriakos Mitsotakis clarified, regarding the obligation of vaccination, there is no question of its extension to the ages under 60.

Who is exempt from compulsory vaccination
Any exceptions concern foreign residents, those who have a decision to exempt from the obligation of vaccination by the three-member Health Committees of each Region for health reasons (eg severe allergic reaction, diagnosed allergy, history of thrombocytopenia, etc.), those who have been abroad application for home vaccination and no vaccination has yet taken place.


-Those who have been ill for a period of 180 days from the illness

-Those who have applied for vaccination at home and have not been vaccinated yet

-Those who have been vaccinated abroad. The registration of their vaccination is done through the website

-Those who have proven health reasons that prevent the vaccine from being given . The three-member committees in each Health District are responsible for making the decision to exempt from the mandatory vaccination. Applications for exemption from compulsory vaccination for medical reasons were submitted by January 14, 2022.

More than 90% of 60 and over have been vaccinated
According to the information, 90% of the citizens over 60, have been vaccinated or have made an appointment, however there is still a percentage of citizens who from Monday will start to be assured of the administrative fine.

According to government sources , thanks to the mandatory, the percentage of vaccinated in this age group, which is the most vulnerable , has increased by almost 10 points .

It is characteristic that since the day of the announcement of the obligation more than 200,000 citizens have been vaccinated.

The reasons that led to the mandatory vaccination of 60+
The government reportedly led to the decision to make vaccination mandatory based on scientific and epidemiological data.


9 out of 10 deaths from COVID affect citizens over 60 years of age.
7 in 10 intubated patients are over 60 years old.
8 in 10 intubated are unvaccinated.
In countries such as Portugal and Denmark, which have achieved 99% vaccination in this group, the pressure on the health system and the loss of life is up to 10 times lower than in Greece.
Applications must be answered within an exclusive period of seven calendar days. The decision is notified electronically to the applicant and the treating physician. During the period from the submission of the application until the decision is issued by the competent health committee, no sanctions are imposed due to the non-vaccination.

On January 28, all citizens who make a rejection decision must have made the first installment in order not to be charged the fine.

The administrative fine of 100 euros
In case of non-compliance with the vaccination obligation, an administrative fine of 100 euros per month is imposed from 17 January . Especially for the month of January 2022, for the violation of the obligation, an administrative fine of 50 euros is imposed.

In case of the first installment up to the 15th day of the month and the completion of the vaccination cycle according to the prescribed procedures and at the prescribed time, especially for this month, an administrative fine of 50 euros is imposed. In case of the first installment from the 16th day of the month onwards, the full fine is imposed.

Sanctions are lifted from the first day of the month following the first installment. In case of non-completion of the vaccination cycle, according to the foreseen procedures and in the foreseen time, the penalties are imposed from the time point of establishment of the relevant obligation.

The relevant fine is certified and collected without delay by the Independent Public Revenue Authority in accordance with the Public Revenue Collection Code.

The resources raised from the imposition of sanctions are used exclusively to strengthen the National Health System, in the context of the treatment of coronavirus COVID-19.

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