Connections of Power Generators to houses


The Association of Electricians of the prefecture of Kefallinia informs that recently, due to the frequent power outages due to severe weather phenomena, there has been a great demand for supply in Power Generating Pairs (generators) for home and professional use.

After that we point out the following 

Do not interfere with the installation of your property by connecting the PCs in unorthodox and dangerous ways. Suffice it to supply the socket of an emergency device (eg refrigerator, patient breathing apparatus) from the PC socket. Incorrect connection methods risk accident for you, your family and any other user. Home and professional appliances are also strained if the voltage produced is not at the correct values ​​required by the manufacturer for their proper operation.

Remember that at the time of power outage there are HEDNO colleagues on the electricity transmission and distribution poles and they are working to repair the fault. A faulty connection can power the network resulting in the injury or death of a fellow human being working for us.

Contact a licensed electrician installer to inform you if the electrical panel of your property has the required switching device from PPC to PC, for the power of the installation in kw, the power in kva of the PC to be supplied, as well as for the process of connection and start-up of a generating pair (E / Z) in order to backup the supply of your supply according to the ELOT HD 384 standard until its replacement by the ELOT standard 60364 and the Government Gazette B’3433 No. decision 754/2019

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D. Katsouris I. Gasparatos

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