Continuing earthquakes in Ilia: Sleeping in squares and cars – Fear from Richter’s dance!

It terrifies them whenever they hear it. The sound from the microtunes is not something that has been heard before. It appears as something to fall apart under their feet, sometimes with little or no longer a jolt.

In the squares and other open spaces, the inhabitants of Andravida in Ilia make it last days. On Thursday evening, they again grew loud.

A cluster of earthquakes over the past 24 hours has forced a whole city into vigil.Residents sleep in cars or outdoors, even on benches.

Many were on Thursday who were waiting at the KTEL of Ilia to leave the small town and to travel safely – to Patras, Aegio – to sleep for the night and the next morning to return to Andravida.

Seismologists have installed four portable seismographs in various locations in Ilia for two days. In Andravida, according to, a seismograph is in the former town hall.

Special machines record the pattern of seismic vibrations and ticks that are heard underground so that they can be analyzed in the laboratory.

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