Controls for the Prevention of crimes in the Ionian Islands on 12,13 February lead to 48 arrests!


Corfu, 14 February 2020


Controls for the prevention of transgression in the Ionian Islands

The inspections were carried out in the last period in Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Corfu and Lefkada and resulted in the arrest of (48) people for various offenses.

Additional (107) infringements of the Road Traffic Code and (9) administrative fines for implementing anti-smoking legislation

Intensive police inspections by the Ionian Islands Regional Police Directorate-General are conducted on a regular basis to prevent offenses in the Ionian Islands.

Specifically, police officers from the Kefalonia, Zakynthos, Corfu and Lefkada Police Departments conducted successive police searches from Wednesday (12-02-2020) to Thursday (13-02-2020) for:

  • the prevention of theft and burglary,
  • tackling dangerous driving behaviors,
  • to deal with violations related to the operation of health shops
  • to prevent drug trafficking in entertainment venues
  • and foreigners legislation.

The searches resulted in a total of 48 arrests, (32 nationals and 16 foreigners), of which (3) in Kefalonia, (26) in Corfu, (15) in Zakynthos and (4) in Lefkada.

In addition (288) vehicles and (399) persons were checked and (107) infringements of the Road Traffic Code were ascertained, and (157) store inspections revealed (6) administrative fines in Corfu and (3) in Zakynthos regarding their implementation. anti-smoking law.

The arrests concerned:

  • (2) for tracking documents
  • (3) for possession of drugs
  • (1) for illegal possession of firearms
  • (25) for deprivation of a driving license
  • (12) for infringement of the Aliens Act
  • (5) for deprivation of health certificates in stores of health interest.

During the Prevention of Dangerous Driving Inspections, a total of (107) violations of the Road Traffic Code were identified, of which the following are indicative:

  • (12) for speed
  • (1) for intoxication
  • (1) for red traffic violation
  • (2) for seat belt
  • (9) for protective helmet
  • (25) for deprivation of a driving license and
  • (4) for uninsured vehicles

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