Convictions for the illicit trafficking of stray animals


The Confederation of Zoos of Greece in a statement condemns the abusive dispatch and trafficking of stray animals to foreign countries, in violation of existing National and Community legislation, by private and animal associations.

In a statement, the Confederation of Zoos of Greece refers to the recent convictions of two women from Germany who attempted to transport 47 stray animals from the Pelion area, both abroad and in an unknown direction.

As President of the Confederation Vangelis Palaiodimos says, this case is the tip of the iceberg, as there are many similar cases in various cases in the country, and it also refers to the legal framework applicable to this crime.

The announcement:

“Our body, with consistency and documentation, has for many years been denouncing the shameless shipment and marketing of stray animals to foreign countries, in violation of existing National and Community Legislation, by individuals and animal associations. The majority of them simply bear a mask of alleged activism and defense of these suffering animals, while their sole purpose is to gather and export as much as they can, without any traceability of what they ended up with, and above all, without any control by anyone Attic carrier.

It should be noted that, after a number of questions in the Greek Parliament and a long struggle by our body, the Greek State has criminalized the trafficking of pets, with the delay of 9 years, by Law 4039/2012. 

This Law, being a pioneer in the protection and management of pets, was fiercely fought by the illicit traffickers of these creatures, who have consistently and deliberately sought to abolish it.
To date, this heinous collection and trafficking of stray pets, combined with the uncontrolled issuance of passports by veterinarians without fulfilling the requirements of applicable law, has taken place under the full care and disinterest of the competent authorities, of the local Veterinary Services as well as of the political leadership of the Ministry. A typical example is the non-adoption of (a) EC implementing measures576 / 2013 and (b) effective, dissuasive and proportionate sanctions, which allow the operation of an uncontrolled illegal circulation and encourage the illicit trafficking of pet animals.
After years, and with the decisive help of the judiciary, the Greek State seems to be standing up.

Recent convictions for trafficking and trafficking, initially in Volos (, in the case of foreigners who collected and attempted to transport 47 stray animals on behalf of animal associations, in breach of National and Community Legislation and subsequently in Athens, in the case of aliens who attempted to transfer 10 pet animals abroad one of them was in such a miserable state that he died, proving tragically that he was in no position to travel and that his well-being was never the purpose of this particular transport), in combination with the ongoing He says that there are records of similar cases, which makes us optimistic that – at last – something is changing.

We can fully understand the pressures aimed at the abolition of circulars by the competent departments of the Ministry of Justice, which codify and refer to the provisions of applicable National and Community Legislation and have been fully accepted and utilized by the judicial authorities, as well as by judicial authorities. why. 

The above mentioned judgments, however, are a loud and clear message in every direction, a message of hope to all true animals and animals in need of genuine protection and not cages that carry them illegally into the unknown, a message of alarm to all responsible authorities and services to which we have just mentioned above and finally a message of end-to-end titles to all those who believe that they can act in a lawless manner.
We conclude by reminding that our body will remain at the disposal of every competent body and provide all possible assistance, always aiming at the protection of pets from those who care for them. ”


Kefalonia Pulse Footnote – Interesting article makes you more aware of the intricacies of law our local charities deal with in the background.

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