Convoy of military vehicles on road between Poros and Argostoli between 16:30-18:00

Due to the delay of the evening ship, the engineer’s team remained in Poros.

Today, extensive recognition of the island’s road network with the Regional engineers to find the best way to approach the affected areas and especially Assos.

At around 16:30, the convoy of military vehicles from Poros to Argostoli will begin with ELAS.

Expected in Argostoli around 18:00.

Tomorrow with the first light of the day they will move from Argostoli, Agia Varvara, Falari, Divarata, Assos.

Good strength to all!

source – Αριστοτέλης Μπατιστάτος

Kefalonia Pulse Footnote – Please keep clear these are large vehicles with little room through some of the villages especially around Vlahata

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