Copernicus activated for satellite fire monitoring at Kechries Corinth in Peloponnese – Settlements evacuated

Out of control is still the big fire in Kechries Corinth broke yesterday afternoon.By order of the Deputy Minister of Civil Protection, Nikos Hardalia, the Emergency Planning and Response Directorate of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection activated the Copernicus / Emergency Management Service-Mapping Service of the European Union as a National Contact Point, for the production of cartographic data the work of the bodies involved in dealing with emergencies and managing the consequences of the phenomenon.

The request was accepted by the European Union and the availability of a series of cartographic data and products resulting from the analysis of satellite images is expected immediately. The data and maps of the Copernicus Emergency Management Service / Mapping Service will be made available directly from the Emergency Planning and Response Directorate of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection to all stakeholders, free of charge, for the management of their work.

A settlement and a camp in Kechries were evacuated
Earlier, in the evacuation of a camp in the area of ​​Sofiko and the community of Drassa the authorities in Corinth proceeded , for precautionary reasons, as the mayor of Corinth, Vassilis Nanopoulos, told APE-MPE, because, as he explained, “the situation with the fire is very difficult “.

As the mayor added, “I have already asked the government and the Peloponnese Region to declare the municipality a state of emergency.” Also, as Vassilis Nanopoulos said, “although almost all the air fire brigades are operating in the area, the situation is not under control”.

Another settlement, that of Drassa, was evacuated, following a suggestion by the Fire Department, due to the fire in Kechries, Corinth, which is in progress for a second day. At the same time, on the initiative of the camp managers in Sofiko, the children were removed from the spot for precautionary reasons.

In addition to the flames, the fire brigade has to deal with the strong winds that have been blowing since noon in the wider area. It is noted that, according to the Fire Department, there are many scattered fires, which are constantly re-ignited, which makes it more difficult for firefighters.

Currently, 268 firefighters are operating in the area with 61 vehicles, 15 groups of pedestrians, volunteer firefighters, water tankers, while a total of seven helicopters are operating from the air, as well as three aircraft.

At the same time, according to korinthostv, a firefighter, who was operating at the scene to put out the fire, was transported by ambulance to the General Hospital of Corinth, with a head injury .

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