Corfu: A foreigner with more than 320 kilos of cannabis was arrested

The arrest of a foreigner, in whose possession about 323 kilos of raw cannabis were found, was made by police officers of the Drug Prosecution Department of the Corfu Security Sub-Directorate .

The arrested person was located and immobilized, in the coastal area of ​​Dassia in Corfu, possessing 72 improvised nylon packages with raw hemp, weighing a total of three hundred and twenty-two kilos and four hundred and two grams.

The police investigation revealed that the quantity of drugs, which the foreigner intended to hide in dense vegetation, was handed over to him, shortly before his arrest, by sea, by perpetrators, who are still unknown and who used two speedboats, jet ski type, to approach the beach of Dassia.

In addition, this morning, during a search of the home of the arrested person, in the presence of a court official, an additional three nylon packages of raw hemp, weighing a total of approximately 484 grams and two precision scales were found and confiscated.

As stated by the director of the Corfu Police Directorate, Manthos Giannoulis, “the value in the domestic market, for the total specific amount of drugs is estimated at 3,200,000 euros.”

Preliminary investigation of the case was carried out by the Drug Prosecution Department of the Corfu Security Sub-Directorate, while a months-long investigation had been carried out to locate organized drug transport circuits on the northeastern coastline of the island of Corfu.

The arrested person was taken to the Corfu Public Prosecutor’s Office.

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