Corfu (Evdokia), 1200 year old Olive Tree

About eleven centuries of life is reported to have its eternal olive tree “Evdokia” in Stroggyli Corfu, as revealed by a scientific research by German scientists at the University of Botanology and Zoology of the Forest of South Africa Sciences Dresden University of Technology (TU Dresden) led by Professor Andrea Roloff.

The ancient lady of Corfu, who has lived hundreds of years of cultural influences, hides at the roots of thousands of secrets of every era, from the conquerors, Venetians of the island to today’s illegal loggers who have “cleaned” hundreds of olive trees on the island.

As stated in the Athenian – Macedonian News Agency, the head of the Hellenic Union of the Hellenic Republic (EEE), the first chairman for many years, is now the Chief Executive Officer and director of the Hellenic Culture Magazine., Eleni Konofafou, the research on the age of “Evdokia”, started at the suggestion of the member of the Union of the Ionian Islands, biologist Eleni Loukas, who comes from Stroggyli Corfu, where the old-fashioned olive tree is located.
“In 2012 from the position of the President of the Hellenic Federation of Enterprises, following a meeting with Mrs. Louka to discuss the issue more extensively, I suggested to the members of the Board of Directors. the proposal and decided to take action in this direction by focusing our attention on the natural wealth of the Ionian Islands, as it was estimated that the protection of the environment is an important motivation for the development of culture and environmental consciousness. It is worth mentioning that the location of the olive tree and a few meters from it, is the home of one of the most important exponents of the Ionian School, the poet Gerasimos Markas, and this gave another dimension to the research, “notes Konofafos.

The Union of the Ionian Islands (EEE) initially addressed the Athens School of Agriculture and the Ministry of the Environment, and subsequently asked, as Mrs. Kofoffou said, the assistance and assistance of the TEI of the Ionian Islands in order to date the epoch tree, but due to the failure of the efforts of the Ionian Islands, Greece finally addressed the Dresden University of Herbology and Zoology, which was of particular interest.

In the summer of 2014, the Dresden University team of scientists arrived in Stroggyli Corfu where, in collaboration with the Local Round Unity, and the biologist Eleni Loukas, began the research process for the dating of Evdokia.

According to the results of the new developed scientific method for estimating the age of olive trees in the village of Stroggili by Professors Prof. Dr. Andreas Roloff and Dr Sten Gillner of the University of Bologna in Dresden Germany, mathematically demonstrates that the Eudokia olive tree is about 1086 years old and was planted around 928 AD.

The name of the olive tree stems from the inspiration of the biologist Eleni Louka with her second quality as a poet. It is a legend that included in its latest poetic collection “Tracks in the Trails” by the Osselotos publications

Evdokia is ranked among the top ten most important and bulky of Europe and the world as compared to other well-known ancient olive trees in Greece, Italy, Spain, Portugal and Montenegro that have not yet been scientifically integrated or estimated their age; references to their age are hypothetical and probable.

“This era is the period before the first Venetian occupation of 1204 and the Second Venetian domination (in the 14th century) of the Venetian occupation of Corfu which lasted 411 years. The purpose of this study, based on tree droning (from Greek, Dendron = Tree, chronos = time and logos = ratio), was to estimate the age of three huge olive trees in Corfu. The diameter of the logs of these trees and their heights stand out as particularly impressive and provide comparable data to the oldest olive trees in the world, “says the final report of the scientists of Germany. The great age, the heights and the large diameter of the beautiful and imposing olive trees of Stroggili village in Corfu also underline their historical and cultural significance. Furthermore, this study demonstrates the scientific potential of these centuries-old trees. They should definitely be designated and designated as natural monuments by local authorities, “Dr. Andreas Roloff and Dr. Sten Gillner of the University of Bologna Dresden in Germany report in their final report.

“The results of the research have shown that it is a 1200 year old olive tree (with 10% + deviation) and is one of the oldest and most massive olive trees in the world,” said Kenofaw, does not hide its bitterness for the local authorities that have not yet revealed Evdokia as a monumental tree.

“We addressed the municipality of Corfu and the decentralized administration of the Ionian Islands Region, in order to make the olive tree from the Greek state monumental, in order to receive a negative answer despite the fact that all the necessary documents proving the age of the olive tree and the the whole process is delayed for about five years, “says the Managing Director of the Ionian Association of Greece.

On the occasion of the emergence of the evergreen olive tree “EVDOKIA”, two-day events took place in Bragano and Strongyli, Corfu. The events took place at the Museum of Olive and Olive Oil of the Brothers of Mavroudis in Bragano. The people who flooded the Museum early had the opportunity to tour and admire the exhibits of improvised machines and objects that they used in the old days in the day-to-day use of the mill and the field when the oil came out of the greenery with enormous effort, until they are replaced by newer ones with the evolution of modernization brought about by the mind of man in order to facilitate his everyday work and the quality of his production.

The owner of the elderly “Eudokia” granted the rights to display and exploit this rare olive tree to the Union of the Ionian Islands, while the wooden sign that is placed with the scientific research of the University of Bologna and Zoology of Dresden in German, English and German gives the opportunity for visitors to be informed about its results and the age of the olive tree.

“I have already expressed interest from schools and hotels in Corfu (tourists) who wish to visit the old-age olive tree and I consider that this is a first step in further actions to be initially initiated by the Local Community and then from the Pan-European Community in cooperation with the EEE, and from the recognition that we hope to achieve. Proposals that have been submitted and discussed are talking about educational seminars, lectures, workshops, etc. concerning the natural environment of Corfu and especially the olive groves, organized environmental excursions etc. so as to become an important pole of attraction along the way,

source: RES-MPE

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