Update 28/08/19 – 17:30

The fire that broke out early Tuesday afternoon in the village of Bastatika, Lefkimmi, was controlled.

The fire first broke out on the main road, in the settlement of Roma, and then spread to the villages of Paleochori and Neochori.

The fire threatened residential areas and therefore Neochori and Bastatika were evacuated.

The fire involved 14 firefighters with 28 men, two hikers with 15 men, 4 Corfu aquifers and 4 small firefighters.

The fire burned 200 acres.

Big fire broke out in southern Corfu – Two villages were evacuated

There is a great fire in progress that has been sparked by an unspecified cause so far in southern Corfu. The fire is approaching dangerously the homes of the villages of Neohori and Paleochori and they were recently ordered to evacuate.

“We have a problem, the fire is one hundred meters from the courtyards of the houses,” Ionian Islands Fire Brigade Regional Administrator Andreas Rizos told RES.

The fire brigade said in a statement that the forces in the area were now deployed with 25 firefighters, 8 vehicles, two aircraft and two Petzetel.

There is a strong force of the Fire Brigade in the area, and firefighters assist from the air. Earlier today , a fire broke out in the northern part of Corfu in the Vasilika area , which firefighters are trying to control.

Source –  iefimerida.gr

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