Cornavirus: New JMC for the beaches -Coffee and tables return

The joint ministerial decision of the Ministers of Development, Citizen Protection, Labor, which sets the rules for keeping distances on organized and non-organized beaches to limit the distribution of coronavirus, was published today and it is now allowed to prepare beverages such as coffee, juice, etc.

Based on the decision, it is defined as the maximum number of bathers in 1,000 sq.m. 40 people, while the minimum distance between the axles of the umbrellas is set at 4 meters, while ensuring the open umbrellas with a minimum distance of 1 meter between the perimeters of their shades.

The following are also defined:

  • Maximum number of 2 sunbeds per umbrella, with the exception of the case of families with minor children
  • The minimum distance between the sunbeds under different umbrellas is set at 1.5 meters.
  • Team sports that require physical contact are not allowed.


It is recalled that the opening of the organized beaches in the middle of the heat on May 15 had provoked the positive comments of the international press , since the bathers observed from the first day all the prescribed protection measures.

Music and beach events are prohibited
The following are defined for the services of restaurants and mobile units for catering and providing drinks offered by a store-type health facility in a single space with the beach:

It is allowed to provide products in a package and delivery at the point of the lounger

  • The products are sold only packaged. Only beverages such as coffee, juice, etc. may be prepared.
  • It is forbidden to play music, to organize events, to use the bar for the stay of the customers.
  • The use of table seats in the operating room of the store is allowed
  • The minimum distance between customers is set at 1.5 meters.
  • There is the strong recommendation of using a mask for employees.

What are the fines?
For companies that do not comply with the terms of the JMC, it is required, depending on the degree of risk to public health, for each violation, an administrative fine of 5,000 euros to 25,000 euros and suspension of operation for a period of 15 to 20 days.

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