Coronanvirus: The testing for 20 islands – Mykonos and Paros for sure

It has not yet been decided on which islands the tourists will be checked for coronavirus.

Towards the end of June and the beginning of July, the procedures are expected to be completed in order to place the special machines on 20 islands in order to carry out a laboratory test for the coronavirus.

According to information from, the officials of the Ministry of Health have not yet reached the decision on which health units and on which islands the 20 systems will be placed, in which the tourists will be checked, who will probably show suspicious symptoms and the local population.

After all, the fear of the Authorities from the first moment was when the foreign tourists will arrive in our country and will share in the islands of the Aegean and the Ionian how they will be checked whether they have been infected or not by the virus.

That is why the solution of buying new systems for PCR examination was chosen, which shows a possible active coronavirus infection . After all, transporting samples to large cities would be a time-consuming process that would make it difficult to manage possible cases .

So far, as the same sources of point out , Paros and probably Mykonos are sure to acquire the new system for the tests due to the expected large wave of visitors, while so far the experts have not yet reached other Health Units.
At the same time, the process for the purchase of systems for the tests, as well as the negotiation of prices, will begin soon , while machines will be selected that can be transported to the islands relatively easily.


One thought on “Coronanvirus: The testing for 20 islands – Mykonos and Paros for sure

  • June 3, 2020 at 5:29 pm

    How sad , what a disgrace, this country, Greece, to be told, because that is how it is , by the EU ( read Germany!) How , who ( what countries) and when to open to the country to tourism with little or no concern for the protection of the citizens of this country ….regardless the sacrifice of the healthcare people and most of the citizens for nearly 80 days !!
    They (government officials) are talking about purchasing 20 test systems (most likely German products!) just to test tourists when for the last 10 years due to the EU imposed austerity the health system of this country came down to its knees….
    And, one may say , well, the EU is to provide the European economy with € 500
    Billion….what a joke ….firstly , it is not approved yet, when the european economy needs the support NOW, and, secondly, it is a plan ( who knows what) where the moneys to be distributed to the members in….7 years and under certain conditions (not determined yet!)…hypothetically that will transform the economies of the member countries…this is the same story that the German lead EU commission followed during the crisis of 2010 to 2018….that had only one result:
    the strengthen of the economy of the northern Europe and the continuing recession of the southern Europe, that, now with the pandemic will be be much deeper than any time before in the last 100 years…
    And, with this Worldwide public health and economic disaster, the key issue is the vacation of the northern European people…that, hypothetically, will “help” a little with economic recovery, but no concern if the virus hits again the public while no proven medication is available….
    Absolutely, such thinking fits perfectly the Brussels “club” and its advisory….Germany!


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