Coronavirus: 15 dead in Greece -94 new cases

Ninety-four new confirmed cases of coronavirus in our country have been announced by the Ministry of Health.

The total number of confirmed cases of coronavirus is 624. Most confirmed cases are still in Athens. 55.7% of confirmed cases are men. 124 patients are hospitalized, of which 34 are intubated.

The majority of people treated have serious underlying diseases. The average age of the patients is 64 years and the mean age of patients is 67 years.

Our fellow citizens who have come out of the new coronavirus are 15, as two more have left their last breath in the last 24 hours . Of these, 14 had severe underlying diseases. The 12 were men and 3 were women. The average age of our fellow citizens was 77 years. Finally, 19 of our fellow citizens have been discharged from the hospital.

New measures for coronavirus are announced by the government
The government is taking action and tonight the 6th prime minister, in a message reportedly expected to announce a ban on the movement of citizens as part of more drastic measures to tackle the coronavirus pandemic.

At 19:00, Ministers Nikos Chardalias, Kyriakos Pierrakakis, Lefteris Economou, Theodoros Livanios and Vassilis Kontozamanis will specify measures to completely restrict the movement of citizens, such as the operation of banks with security personnel. They are also expected to announce that citizens will be able to indicate – via a special form – SMS messages to a specific number about their destination.


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