Coronavirus: 2,125 new cases (2 in Kefalonia) -36 dead and 342 intubated in Greece today

The announcement of EODY
The new laboratory-confirmed cases of the disease recorded in the last 24 hours are 2,125, of which 5 were identified after checks at the country’s gates. The total number of cases is 663,433 (daily change + 0.3%), of which 50.9% are men. Based on the confirmed cases of the last 7 days, 90 are considered related to travel from abroad and 2,897 are related to an already known case.

The new deaths of patients with COVID-19 are 36, while since the beginning of the epidemic a total of 14,956 deaths have been recorded. 95.4% had underlying disease and / or age 70 years and older.

The number of patients treated by intubation is 342 (62.0% men). Their median age is 66 years. 80.1% have underlying disease and / or age 70 years and older. Among intubated patients, 304 (88.89%) are unvaccinated or partially vaccinated and 38 (11.11%) are fully vaccinated. Since the beginning of the pandemic, 3,180 patients have been discharged from the ICU.

The admissions of new Covid-19 patients in the hospitals of the territory are 138 (daily change -15.34%). The average seven-day admission is 162 patients. The median age of cases is 39 years (range 0.2 to 106 years), while the median age of death is 78 years (range 0.2 to 106 years).

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