Coronavirus: 2,646 new cases, 179 intubated, 18 deaths

The announcement of EODY for the coronavirus
Today we announce  2646 new  cases of the new virus in the country, of which  42  were detected after checks at the country’s gateways. The total number of cases is  46892 , of which 54.6% are men.

4271 (9.1%) are considered related to travel from abroad and 14427 (30.8%) are related to an already known case.

179 of  our fellow citizens are being treated by intubation. Their median age is 67 years. 42 (23.5%) are women and the rest are men. 88.8% of intubated patients have an underlying disease or are 70 years of age or older. 305  patients have been discharged from the ICU.

Finally, we have  18  more recorded deaths and  673  deaths in total in the country. 259 (38.5%) women and the rest men. The median age of our dying fellow citizens was 79 years and 96.4% had an underlying disease and / or age 70 years and over.

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