Coronavirus: 400 Greeks from London quarantined and inspected at the aircraft steps


EODY’s will wait for the 400 Greeks at the airport. They will be temperature checked and quarantined. Severe fines if they violate the ban.

All 400 Greeks will remain in mandatory quarantine at home. Indeed, strict scrutiny will be implemented to comply with this restriction in line with the measures announced by the Greek Police.

Valid from 12.00 the compulsory quarantine measure

It is noted that the mandatory quarantine measure for those returning from abroad is valid from 12:00.

According to the plan, police officers will examine whether airline passengers are actually quarantined in their homes, either by on-the-spot checks or by regular telephone calls to their fixed-line phones.

These inspections have not yet begun, as according to information from the Ministry of Citizen Protection, a relevant legislative act is expected, with criminal penalties for offenders as well as a fine of 5,000 euros reported.

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