Coronavirus: 66-year-old dies in RIO Hospital Patras

The Rio Hospital / Photo: Eurokinissi

The 66-year-old, after a long battle to keep his life, failed and died at 3:15 in the morning. This is the first death of a patient infected with coronavirus in our country, which measured 99 cases until midnight yesterday … Last night his health deteriorated, as he showed low blood pressure and his condition was considered critical. 

Since March 2, he has been hospitalized at the Rio Hospital, where he was transferred from Amaliada. He had developed severe pneumonia and his condition was considered serious. It was the ninth time in the country and the first serious. On March 6, his condition deteriorated and had to be intubated . Yesterday, his health deteriorated and he “ended up” after ten days of hospitalization.

He had travelled with a group of 53 people to the Holy Land, where he returned with symptoms. Some of them even found positive in the exams, including his wife. Of the 98 patients overall, three are incidents that are considered serious.

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