Coronavirus: After queues at the banks, thoughts on time constraints on outings – 6 outings a day is not acceptable!

Pensioners queue for a bank in Piraeus, despite recommendations for the coronavirus

Contemporary images emerge outside a bank in Piraeus, despite recommendations for the coronavirus .

The result was that police officers rush to distance the citizens, while the government is now considering tightening spending measures and setting a time limit.

In pictures transmitted by SKAI, retirees appear to have gathered outside a bank store on Republic Avenue in Piraeus without keeping safe distance from each other.

Indeed, the tension between the crowd was not lacking, and some were entering two or two in the front porch.

Similar images were recorded outside a bank in Korydallos.

Police officers rushed to put the pensioners at a distance
On the occasion of these images, the GADA business center ordered DIAS teams to go outside the banks to put people at a distance. The situation in some branches, such as the one in Piraeus, is already better, with police officers taking over the world.

It is recalled that the elderly belong to the vulnerable groups of the population and should take all security measures in order to protect them from coronavirus.

Petsas: The form is not to be used 6 times
Commenting on pictures of retirees crowding out of the banks, government spokesman Stelios Petsas, speaking to SKAI, confirmed a Kathimerini-based publication cited a time-limit in circulation to prevent unnecessary traffic.
As Mr Petsas said, the plan includes a set return date once the citizen sends a message to 13033.

The form is not to be used 6 times a day, Mr. Petsas said, adding that excessive use of timetables will deprive many people of their basic commutes.

The message from the Ministry of Health about crowding ATMs
Meanwhile, the health ministry has posted a video advising seniors and people belonging to vulnerable groups on coronavirus to avoid queues at the checkpoints and ATMs. In the ministry’s message, they urge citizens to help the elderly in their families and conduct electronic transactions so that they remain safe from the risk of becoming infected.

“Our elderly and vulnerable citizens need to stay away from bank tellers and ATMs. To reduce our exposure to coronavirus, we help our parents, grandparents, and children learn to do transactions online. We pay bills online and with our debit card. We insist: They do not need to go to the bank store so they are not at risk. To stay safe. We are protecting vulnerable groups ”, is the message of the Ministry of Health.

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