Coronavirus: Alarm from the experts – They ask for “return” daily live briefings and mandatory use of a mask

The alarm bell for the increased cases of coronavirus is ringing by the experts, finding signs of relaxation in the implementation of the measures. The same goes for the government, as it appeared from the extraordinary meeting of the Greek government.

Pathology professor Charalambos Gogos, speaking to the Star’s main news bulletin, expressed the view that the use of a mask should be mandatory.

“It is a directive that exists from the beginning, for the use of a mask indoors and in the means of transport. “There is surveillance for the use of a mask in the metro and buses, while the employees in the restaurant should wear it”.

Mr. Gorgos noted that the supervision should be increased based on the decisions that are currently in force, as well as the control as the observance of the measures has relaxed. “What needs to be done is to inform the world more often with spots, but also by us and especially to the vulnerable groups. You may need to return the 18:00 update again but not on a daily basis. It is something we are discussing. However, corrective moves are being made, such as the ban on festivals. “The use of a mask with a strict recommendation may become mandatory,” he said characteristically.

The strict instructions of Mitsotakis
Strict instructions for intensive controls and avoidance of gatherings were given by Kyriakos Mitsotakis in a meeting in Maximou about the coronavirus , at the time when EODY announced 27 new cases in our country.

The government is vigilant, but not panic , hence it was not deemed necessary to announce further measures, such as mandatory use of masks in closed public places and so on.

At the meeting under the Prime Minister , regarding the treatment of the coronavirus, the Prime Minister decided to intensify the controls and to tighten the implementation of the existing measures.

As he underlined, emphasis should be placed on protecting the health of workers, especially in tourist areas, and on avoiding conciliation and gatherings, especially indoors. Mr. Mitsotakis also pointed out the need for greater activation of municipalities and regions for the implementation of measures.

27 new cases
According to the announcement of EODY, 27 cases of coronavirus were confirmed in the country , 31 less than yesterday. What is worrying, however, is that in large urban centers the cases remain many.

On the one hand, in Attica in the last 24 hours 8 cases were recorded, while another 5 in Thessaloniki. In fact, the imports, which daily constitute the majority of cases, amount to only 9 on the last day. Of these, 4 were identified after checks at the country’s gates and the remaining 5 came voluntarily for inspection.

As for the rest, two were located in Grevena, one in Xanthi, one in Kastoria and one in Paros.

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