Coronavirus: Alarm in the government for the 50 cases – Extraordinary meeting led by Prime Minister to discuss plan B

The rise in coronavirus cases after the opening of the border has caused alarm in the government and the health authorities.

Although experts still point out that there is no reason for lockdown, they draw attention to the citizens, as in addition to the cases imported by tourists, there have been cases of overcrowding at festivals, beaches and shops. In fact, since yesterday, about half of the 50 new cases were domestic, the concern about the spread of coronavirus has intensified. Thus, a teleconference will be held today under Kyriakos Mitsotakis, at 12:30, in which the course of the implementation of the Operational Plan of controls at the entrance gates of the country will be discussed.

Petsas: An extensive control plan for the measures for the coronavirus is being implemented from today
The government’s concern about the increase in coronavirus cases was also expressed yesterday by the government spokesman during the briefing of the political authors. “There are imported cases but the increase is mild and controlled” said Mr. Petsas yesterday and stressed that in 31,169 tests performed at all entrance gates of the country from 1 to 6 July 2020, 100 were found positive, ie only 0.3%. , said Mr. Petsas.

“The biggest problems are due to the introduction of land border crossings, especially because there is an escalation of the coronavirus in the Balkans, and we have rearranged the sample-targeted test for the coronavirus, giving much greater emphasis to the entrance gate of Promachonas (Bulgarian- Greek border). We are monitoring the epidemiological data at the international level and we are ready to adapt our decisions accordingly “, he noted.

However, Mr. Petsas continued, noting that “the biggest risk at the moment is not from abroad. It’s inside. ” “It simply came to our notice then. Because the virus did not leave. It is here and it feeds on our relaxation. Let’s not do him a favor. It is absolutely necessary, especially now that social and professional life has largely been restored, now that due to summer our travels to various parts of the country have increased, now that various events have begun in our cities and villages, I repeat, it is absolutely we need to be doubly careful! ”he continued, stressing the importance of implementing measures to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

At the same time, Mr. Petsas assured that “the government will activate all the control mechanisms at its disposal to protect the many responsible, from the few frivolous” and explained that “an extensive control plan is being implemented by all state agencies. and regional services, under the coordination of the Single Transparency Authority “.

The plan b being discssed by the government – The three stages of dealing with the escalation
Both the government and the health authorities stressed that the increase in cases is expected, with the prime minister pointing out that the country will be ready as soon as the second wave of the corona appears. It already has an alternative plan, in order to deal more effectively with the multiplied cases, mainly when tourists arrive , mainly from the land borders.

As the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias, stated yesterday, speaking to Star, there is a plan b to deal with the situation, with the government’s plan to include three stages. These are the following:

  1. Checks on all those who arrive in Greece from the border station of Promachonas.
  2. Checks on seasonal workers across the country, mainly from neighboring Balkan countries.
  3. Test for everyone, at all entrance gates in the country and not a specific number of tests each day.

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