Coronavirus: All schools are closed in Greece from tomorrow for 14 days for precautionary reasons

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilia’s announcement – Education Ministry’s decision on second quarter exams in primary schools

All schools , public and private, as well as universities are closed due to a coronation , according to Health Minister Vassilis Kikilia . Specifically, the measure covers kindergartens, kindergartens, public and private schools as well as public and private universities. The health minister said they would stay closed for two weeks for precautionary reasons to prevent the spread of coronavirus.

The government is moving to suspend the operation of all educational institutions in the country to reduce the spread of coronavirus in the country, as Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias announced recently. The measure covers all levels of public and private education and will apply immediately. It will be valid for the next 14 days and covers kindergartens, schools, IEKs and universities, private and public. The measure, as explained by Mr Kikilias, is preventive and aims to reduce the spread of the virus in the community.

He said special care would be taken for working parents and businesses affected by the measures. He reiterated that parents should restrict their children to reduce the spread of the virus, cited individual responsibility and said that “it is time for all Greeks to show responsibility”.

The prime minister is returning from Austria this evening and is expected to make  announcements on measures to prevent the spread of the coronation , to protect public health and to deal with the financial consequences. The Prime Minister Kyriakos Mitsotakis will participate at 18.00 in the conference, which has called on EU leaders, the European Council President Charles Michel, for coordination at European level to address the problem of coronavirus.

Ministry of Education decision on second quarter controls in primary schools

Instructions on how parents and guardians of children attending elementary schools will be updated have been issued by the Ministry of Education, with a decision signed by Deputy Minister Sofia Zacharakis. Specifically, in view of the relevant ESA guidelines for avoiding mass gatherings / gatherings indoors, for preventive public health reasons, with the synchronization of pupils / three, parents / guardians and teaching staff, the Ministry stated that:

(a) Parents and guardians of pupils and pupils attending Kindergarten and Grade 1 and 2 may communicate with teachers by telephone to inform them of the progress of their children.

(b) For the audits of pupils and pupils attending grades C, D, E ‘and F’, the Teachers’ Associations shall, by their decision, be required to take the necessary steps to deliver the second quarter progress checks in a closed manner. and a sealed envelope in each student’s bag, without the physical presence of parents and guardians at school.

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