Coronavirus and summer Holidays – Hopes or “No Hope”?


Thinking about where we’re going on vacation this year or if we’re going to go?

The coronavirus is here and this summer will be completely different. The president of the hoteliers analyzes the data at

Some are trying to convince that summer will exist and this is the only sure thing, since in the land of the sun and the sea, the era on which Greece supports most of its economy due to tourism, is never lost, even if it exists this year the coronavirus will be a factor in the equation.

However, the questions are many and unfortunately remain unanswered, since no one can say with certainty that these summer months will pass in our country and it is logical, as the problem of the pandemic concerns not only Greece, but the whole planet.

Coronation and summer vacation…

As the president of the Panhellenic Federation of Hoteliers, Grigoris Tassios, explains to , the tourist season, from the moment it exists, will be Covid-19, which means non-existent.

“I have been shouting for a month now that we will not work in the summer. I’m sorry but we have to be realistic. We currently have a virus for which no drug or vaccine has been found. As long as we do not have these health conditions, which will make any trip inside and outside the country safer, then we cannot talk about a tourist season “.

With May and June considered by everyone to be lost and the “main” July and August still on the schedule, perhaps the most prevalent months of vacation, we are anxiously awaiting to see exactly how this year’s tourist season will unfold. The truth is that we are talking about tourism and we probably mean more internally, since in most countries the cases and the victims of the pandemic are still a concern.

From wherever you look at the world epidemiological map, you understand that the borders of each country will be the last to open from one end to the other. In America, experts still do not know for sure if the pandemic curve has reached its height and it is reasonable, after 886,709 confirmed cases and 50.,243 deaths, while in the afflicted Italy and Spain, even if the numbers gradually falling, the dead daily still numbering in the hundreds.

When will the borders open?

On the other hand, in Italy and in an article in the Corriere della Sera newspaper, although there is a reference to the gradual lifting of the measures from April 27 and in fact in 4 stages, however, there is still no reason for the opening of the borders. The situation is similar in countries that became infected much later in the health crisis, leaving the question of when the borders will open unquestionable. As long as Greece, with just 2,463 cases and 127 deaths, is expected to open its borders in mid-July in the rest of the world through the mouths of Tourism Minister Harry Theocharis, with hundreds of thousands more cases, when will this happen?

“We are talking and listening about health criteria and standards. This is a huge issue that means that if we do decide to open our borders for a while, then a protocol will have to be created that will be accepted by the country from which the customer comes. If it is not accepted then we cannot talk about safe operation and I am talking mainly about abroad. Therefore, there is still no antibody test that is economical so that the foreign tourist can be tested.

But even if there is, no foreign country will give the money to do these tests, when they will go to spend his money in another country. Other countries face a greater health crisis than Greece and this is evident from the deaths and cases. Depending on the country, the foreign country has a different economic level of operation, so there is a problem everywhere “.

The coronavirus and mathematical models

After all, are mathematical models different and logical from country to country? Will the profile of the tourists who have preferred us all these years gradually change in our country, with the result that some fanatics do not succeed this year?

“Because of covid 19, we have no clear picture of how the airlines will move, how the tour operators will move with proof, though. This means that we decide in July to open some flights and consequently people to come, but everything is in the air. The Greek hotelier is nowhere to be found in relation to the financial transaction he may have with any customer.

This means that a) with tour operators asking to pay sixty days after the customer leaves and without wanting to pay a deposit, which is impossible in this financial situation and b) how much money should the every customer to be able to pay for the services that health standards will impose on a hotel ”says the president of the Hoteliers Federation and adds“ Everyone is talking about 2020 prices sorry but these will be Covid 19 prices that will be set according to the conditions needed to function properly a hotel. How will they be formed with less fullness? with meals that the hotelier should offer in some way? all this also means jobs. No one will know whether they will decrease or increase. ”

The need for… Plan B

According to Grigoris Tassios, it is time for the government to control a plan B, which may exist but has not yet been announced.

“It’s good to see slowly the plan B of the country, which will be the possible bad season of 2020, which means supporting the business until next summer. Today, there is no financial analyst who can provide an opinion that will be able to substantiate financial data for the next two years. It also does not appear from anywhere that the continuously operating hotels will be the ones that will work more for the next months “.

Regarding the messages he receives from the rest of the world, Grigoris Tassios states “I do not characterize the messages coming from everywhere as disappointing, but realistically based on the pandemic. It means that you know what will come, here we are not talking about memoranda, but about a pandemic that means you have to have a plan B, the government may have it but nothing has been announced yet. We are talking about a year of Covid 19, which means a year with zero income, this is what those who talk to us in Greece and abroad tell me “.

* By Thanos Makrogambrakis
File photos: Intime.

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