Coronavirus: Christmas with sms at 13033 and shopping with click away

Christmas this year due to coronavirus and lockdown will be different – The sms at 13033 will also be used for shopping

Christmas with sms at 13033 , walk to the shops with strict rules and extension to the lockdown show all the latest data due to the coronavirus pandemic. 

Everything shows that with sms  at 13033 , the citizens will go out for Christmas shopping By extending the lockdown has been “locked” due to increased deaths and the number of intubated by coronavirus , it is certain that the government is thinking very seriously continue to implement the sms to 13033 , so that citizens will go to the market their Christmas shopping , not to create crowding problems.

In fact, the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis , speaking to SKAI, said that first the retail stores will be opened while the holidays and specifically the New Year’s Eve will be with the families but with a few people.

The government’s plan is reportedly to open schools and retail by December 15th. The restaurants are expected to get the green light to start operating again in anticipation of the Christmas holidays , until December 19. And of course these are restaurants and cafes only with seated people and not nightclubs.

It is also taken for granted that citizens will spend Christmas at their place of residence and will not be allowed to move from region to region. In any case, however, in the coming days decisions are expected to be made on how the market will open for Christmas.

We will carefully open the economy

“We will open the economy with great care,” Development Minister Adonis Georgiadis told SKAI . He stressed, in fact, that the Minister of Health, Vassilis Kikilias , has taken measures, but when essentially 30% in Thessaloniki is ill and the ICUs have the image described by (ICU director Papanikolaou N. Kapravelos, there are people “who make a crown party “No matter how intensive we make it, we will not move forward.” “The virus will not leave anyone unaffected, it does not discriminate; we must all observe the measures with religious reverence, we will party afterwards,” he pointed out. 
>The goal is the controlled opening of the economy, explained Mr. Georgiadis. “We at YPANE have made scenarios for every development of the virus and we are waiting for the infectious disease committee to give us the sign of the beginning. We are not going to start the economy if the doctors do not tell us … 

“We will start with retail”

The minister left open the possibility of opening up certain sectors of the economy, such as seasonal items, such as toys, which have been particularly affected. However, he stressed that the market will operate under strict conditions, such as masks, distances, a limited number of people inside the store. 

Shopping with click away

He also stated that one of the measures that will be implemented will be shopping by click away , ie as he explained the order will be placed by the consumer in the store, the order will be prepared, the citizen will make an appointment with the shopkeeper and will go to receives it from the store , reducing to a minimum the human contact while the congestion inside the stores will be greatly reduced.

What Adonis Georgiadis stated at the Open

Yesterday, the Minister of Development, Adonis Georgiadis spoke at the Open and stated that the coronavirus pandemic must be controlled in order for the economy to open, while he spoke about what Christmas will be like, the vaccine and the scenarios for returning to normalcy. “The question is whether the measures are observed by everyone. The lockdown will be extended as needed. Next week we will see how the pandemic goes. “Yesterday left some room for optimism,” he said characteristically.

Mr. Georgiadis stressed that seasonal stores will have priority. “There is a way even if we have the vaccine. I have dozens of different scenarios of what and how it will open. It will depend on what the doctors tell us and then we will choose a scenario from what we have made. But everything will be decided on the basis of the pandemic. No sense in telling you now – I don’t wanna ruin the suprise. Nobody knows this year’s recession, it cannot be predicted. Whatever predictions we had, finally. It will be very big, we do not know it yet “he noted


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