Coronavirus : Chronicle of 3 outbreaks in Greece

There are three cases of coronavirus in Greece. The two new cases, as it became known yesterday, concern a 38-year-old woman who was found to be coronavirus positive and is being treated at AHEPA in Thessaloniki, and another woman who had traveled to an affected area of ​​Italy and is now hospitalized in Atticon.

The chronicle of the first outbreaks of coronavirus in Greece

The first case in Greece was announced on Wednesday. She is a 38-year-old woman, fashion designer and departmental consultant in Thessaloniki who, after contacting the National Health Organization (EHOD) and reporting that she had traveled to Milan last week, was admitted to AHEPA.

Reportedly, the woman returned to Thessaloniki on Sunday and while having no apparent symptoms (runny nose, fever, cough, etc.) visited the Thessaloniki City Hall. This was the reason that after the announcement of the positive case, disinfection operations were carried out in the town hall.

After finding the woman positive, she was placed in a negative pressure chamber of AHEPA where she will remain for 14 days. They isolated themselves voluntarily and those who came into contact with the 38-year-old’s family and relatives. At the same time, in the context of tracking the 38-year-old’s contacts, authorities found and checked the passengers and crew of her flight back to Thessaloniki.

The second case

Subsequently, on Thursday, an emergency briefing by the head of the Committee on Emergency Public Health Emergency Response Committee Sotiris Tsiodras announced two more confirmed incidents.

As he explained in a positive test for the coronavirus, the 9-year-old child of the 38-year-old woman was found, who had not traveled with her.

Announcing the second case, he specifically stated: “In the context of traceability of the first case, today the laboratory of the Medical School of the University of Thessaloniki confirmed the transmission of the virus to a close relative of our fellow citizen, our first case. The chikld had not traveled to Italy. All necessary precautionary measures have been taken for the other close contacts and the control remains negative. In the context of dealing with this second case of the disease in our country for preventive reasons, it is only recommended that the Thessaloniki Elementary School, 105th, be closed for 14 days. ”

Responding to a question about the 9-year-old’s contacts, Mr Tsiodras said in an emergency briefing that the child “went on an excursion on Tuesday, and I think there was no high-risk contact. I emphasize that for children it is a mild disease, almost asymptomatic, a mild allergy. However, in the context of preventive measures and because the little ones are small and synchronized, we will take the precautionary measures they need. We do it to be 100% sure. We do it at a limited time right now in the geographical location of the children’s school, we do it in excess. It could only be the child’s classroom but we decide to be stricter, more careful. We want to delay the spread of this virus to our country as far as possible and that is why we are taking these steps we are telling you. ”

As a result of the authorities’ actions, 49 people were put under the microscope after tracing his contacts . The authorities have put in place a specific plan to restrict these contacts in order to examine whether they are positive for the virus.

The third case

The third case was announced at Thursday’s update . “I confirm the diagnosis of a third case involving our compatriot traveling from an affected area of ​​Italy. We are in the process of tracking contacts and taking additional measures regarding this third case of the disease in our home country, “said Tsiodras.

As it became known later, this is a 40-year-old bank employee who first visited the “Salvation Hospital” and then a private clinic.

He waited two hours at Salvation before being diagnosed with coronavirus
Returning to Athens, the 40-year-old noticed symptoms and opted to go to Sotiria Hospital instead of following the EODA directive that provides communication with the Agency (telephone 210-5212054) to receive instructions to go to the hospital reporting the disease.
However, when he went to the “Sotiria” outpatient clinics there was a crowd and so he had to sit in the queue for almost two hours as he got paper with a priority number … 160!

Banished from waiting, the 40-year-old bank employee left the Sotiria Public Hospital and went to the Metropolitan Private Hospital in Neo Faliro, which had taken drastic measures to avoid the mistakes made at her hospital in northern Italy. 

Specifically, the Metropolitan Clinic has closed all entrance doors except one for patient entry. Anyone who wishes to enter the hospital, before being admitted, washes his hands outdoors, wearing gloves and a mask. Metropolitan has set up a special booth in the parking lot outside the hospital to prevent suspected coronavirus from entering the hospital and being examined there. The 40-year-old who showed suspicious symptoms showed up today (he had come to Greece from Milan last Saturday) wearing gloves and a protective mask and was immediately taken to the special ward outside the hospital. She was sampled, diagnosed with coronavirus and remained isolated in a specialist outpatient ward, and then transferred to Atticon.


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