Coronavirus: Civil Protection Message Through 112 – “Stay Home”

In a message that appeared on citizens’ cell phones via 112 on Wednesday night, Civil Protection gave basic instructions to vulnerable groups and the general population on prevention of coronavirus.

Civil Protection Guidelines, through 112 for coronavirus
“Vulnerable groups: Stay home as much as possible. General population: Stay home with the slightest symptom of a virus. If you have symptoms, talk to a doctor before going to hospital. Observe the hygiene rules. Don’t put yourself and others at risk. ” The message was broadcast on the country’s mobile phones and in English.

The announcement appeared on mobile through the 112 for coronavirus
Civil Protection is coordinated by the Coronavio Authorities
Earlier in his address, Kyriakos Mitsotakis noted that “the General Secretariat for Civil Protection is now undertaking the coordination of the Government, the Self-Government, the Armed Forces and the Security Forces”.

But above all, we are protecting older people and seriously ill patients who are most threatened. We don’t visit them often. And let them limit their activities. It will be for their own good and those around them.

New Features and How 112 Works
The 112 is a full service emergency communications, including incoming and outgoing leg. In terms of the incoming arm, citizens can call 112 free of charge in any emergency, anywhere in Greece and the EU, but also in other countries, such as Switzerland and South Africa.

With regard to the outbound leg, they may receive alert through various communication technologies and channels for an imminent or ongoing catastrophic event or hazardous situation that poses an immediate threat to your life, health or safety in order to receive instructions on taking action. self-protection.

Those with a smartphone will receive a written warning (Cell Broadcast – CB) message, which will be displayed on the screen of the mobile phone accompanied by a distinctive alarm tone (unlike any other device alert tone). What is required is that mobile users have up-to-date firmware from the manufacturer and in parallel to their terminals.

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