Coronavirus: Decisions for parades around October 20 – The aim is for parades to happen if local viral load permits!

The course of the coronavirus pandemic in Thessaloniki will decide whether the parades of October 28 and the celebration of Agios Dimitrios will take place.

At the beginning of the third week of the month and until October 20, the government will be called in consultation with the scientists to make its final decision which will depend on whether the prefecture remains in the “red” or not…

It will be the same practice for all areas from now until the Christmas holidays. The realization of each celebration and event will be examined a few days before and the catalyst of the decision will be the viral load at the given moment.

“Aim to be parades, but…”

“The goal is to parade. We are monitoring the epidemiological data and we will be positioned according to how they are formed, especially when the weather is approaching “clarified the Government Spokesman, Giannis Oikonomou (SKAI100,3).

Voices of dissatisfaction of professionals and citizens for the restrictive measures such as mini lockdown with an impact on their economic activities and their daily life reach the government staff, through the deputies of the region…

The fact that citizens who have been vaccinated are restricted due to the refusal of some of their fellow citizens to be vaccinated “leads to” one way “point out government officials. “Unfortunately, everyone pays the price,” they add.

Areas with low vaccination rates are usually areas that are rapidly entering or leading to the “red”.

It is reminded that automatically in the areas in “red” alarm, the music in the restaurants and entertainment stores stops 24 hours a day, as well as the traffic of the citizens from 1 to 6 in the morning.

Government: “There is no way we can see a lockdown again”

The ban measures in Thessaloniki and 10 other prefectures that “blushed” are not a lockdown, say government sources, but local restrictions, as they note, which have been in force since the summer, have been applied to islands (Mykonos, etc.). and relate only to certain specific activities.

“This is the maximum of the measures υπάρχει There is no way we can see anything more” the Government Spokesman answers, clarifying once again that the economy and the country have no chance to close again…

“Weak link” the 600,000 unvaccinated citizens over 60 years

However, a necessary condition for not creating conditions for general lockdown again is the acceleration of vaccinations, the only factor that can slow down the spread and create conditions for the resilience of the National Health System not to be tested again.

The government and the Ministries of Health and Interior are throwing their weight there, with ministers Thanos Plevris and Stelios Petsas starting tours in the coming days, primarily in the “red” areas, in an effort to persuade undecided citizens to make the “big” step ”of vaccination.

The focus of government and scientists is mainly on the 600,000 unvaccinated people over the age of 60, who are the “weakest links” of the pandemic at the moment, and if they get sick they are likely to be taken to hospital.

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