Coronavirus: Discussions on new travel restrictions! Critical new week with closed and primary schools

What scientists are discussing to limit the spread of the deadly virus. From Monday closed and elementary – kindergartens. How will the lesson be done for the young students and what will apply to the parents who will have to stay at home with them.

Thessaloniki and Attica remain “champions” in the tragedy with 766 and 612 new cases respectively while Pella and Larissa have over 140 cases.

Discussions on new measures aimed at restricting movement

Experts are being asked to re-evaluate the data and, above all, the numbers of intubated and dead this weekend, to decide whether even more stringent measures should be taken.


What can these be? According to Open TV, more traffic restrictions are being considered. Specifically at the “table”, in this direction are:

– Time limit on SMS. That is, from the moment someone sends a message to move, to be able to move e.g. for the next hour and not for longer.

– To increase the traffic ban period which is now 21.00 in the evening with 5.00 in the morning.

– Restrict traffic on weekends. In other words, citizens may be able to move e.g. from 9.00 in the morning until 14.00 at noon. This is because it has been observed that on weekends there is increased traffic of citizens.

However, the whole week that starts is considered crucial, as it will be decided whether the lockdown will be extended. And this will depend on whether there will be the long-awaited reduction of cases and whether the health system will withstand the pressure it is already receiving…

Distance education in primary schools – Kindergartens are also closing

According to what Niki Kerameos announced on Saturday afternoon, from Monday the system of distance education will be applied in the primary schools as well, in order to limit the movements of the parents…

From Monday morning, November 16, 2020, at 9 in the morning, ERT2 will start broadcasting TV lessons for primary school students. The program of these courses will be announced tomorrow, Sunday.

From next Monday as well, the management of each school in collaboration with the teachers, will prepare a modern distance learning program and will make the necessary tests. According to the Minister of Education,  the distance learning will start on Wednesday, after the school holiday of November 17.

This is how e-learning will be done

Distance education will be compulsory, each teaching hour will last 30 ′ -after a relevant suggestion of the Institute of Educational Policy- and will take place  from 14:00 to 17:00 for primary schools,  and 14:00 to 16:20 for kindergartens, including short, ten-minute breaks.

According to Ms. Kerameos, the lunch / afternoon hours were chosen for two main reasons: on the one hand, to make it easier for families, either because they have older children who will have distance education in the morning or because their parents work remotely, and also everyone uses devices for distance work or education, on the other hand to limit the simultaneous use of all networks by pupils, students, employees and so on.

It is reminded that, as long as someone connects to the platforms used by the ministry for e-learning, there will be no data charge. It is also possible to connect to the distance learning platform and via landline with local charge.

Theodorikakos: Part-time and special purpose leave

The closure of primary schools and kindergartens from next Monday until November 30 includes both municipal and private kindergartens and nurseries.

As stated by the Minister of Interior, Takis Theodorikakos, for the parents of civil servants with children in these stations, kindergartens and primary schools, the facilities of the first quarantine will apply. That is, reduced hours by 25% or alternative hours after consultation with the service or the granting of a special purpose license.

The staff of the municipal kindergartens, the school cleaners but also the employees of other legal entities of the municipalities that remain closed will be utilized by the municipalities in other critical social services, especially in the “Help at Home”.

The competent minister reiterated the measures in force in the State, ie operation of services with the absolutely necessary staff, teleworking as much as possible and not less than 50% of employees, granting special leave or teleworking for high-risk groups and facilities for them parents of students up to 15 years old.

He added that similar measures apply to working parents in the private sector based on the regulations already provided by the Ministry of Labor.

Finally, for the employees in the State who have a personal physical presence in services that deal with the public, he stressed that they must continue to serve the citizens strictly by appointment, while he reiterated that the working hours in the State are three but there is the possibility of further modifications after the services inform the public about it.


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