Coronavirus Greek daily update – 15 new cases today and 1 further death making 148 overall


The infectious disease specialist announced 15 new cases of coronavirus, with a total number of 2,678 since the beginning of the pandemic. 56% of them are men, while 603 cases are related to travel from abroad and 1,340 are related to an already known case of coronavirus.

Mr Tsiodras also announced that 33 people had been intubated with complications from the coronary artery, with a median age of 67 years. 8 of them are women, while 97% have an underlying disease or age over 70 years.

To date, 85 patients have been discharged from ICUs.

Finally, the infectious disease specialist announced another death from the coronavirus, with our country counting a total of 148 deaths. 40 of them were women, while 93.2% of the victims had an underlying disease or age over 70 years. To date, 90,043 samples have been performed for coronavirus.

Sotiris Tsiodras made a brief reference to the global pandemic data. As of today, more than 3,852,000 cases of coronavirus have been reported worldwide, with more than 1,400.00 cases in Europe.

At the same time, 1,417,000 Covid-19 patients with coronary heart disease recovered and recovered. To date, 266,006 deaths have been reported by the coronavirus worldwide.

With the further lifting of the measures, another step will be taken to return to normalcy and another impetus will be given to the reopening of the market.

From Monday, therefore, the retail companies will open, the courses in driving schools, the OPAP agencies, while the students of the 3rd Lyceum will return to schools and tuition centers.

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