Coronavirus: Holidays abroad are unlikely for Europeans this summer

One after another, governments in Europe are making it clear that the coronavirus pandemic is leaving – at least for now – no room for vacation abroad this summer.

Addressing the French people on Sunday afternoon, French Prime Minister Edouard Philippe stressed that it was unlikely that it would be possible for the French to travel abroad this summer.

“Can we book our vacation this summer? I’m afraid it won’t be wise to count on vacations abroad. Because I’m not sure that air travel will be restored, “said Philip.

Speaking to German Bild at the beginning of the Holy Week, the President of the Commission also noted that it would not be prudent to plan his vacation for this summer. “I would advise everyone to wait before making holiday plans,” he said, noting that the possibility of a trip does not seem likely before September.

However, in an interview with Expresso Sunday, von der Leyen appeared more optimistic: “I think we will find smart solutions for summer vacations. Maybe a little different from other hygiene measures, with a little more social distance, but it will be impressive to see the solutions we will find “, he states.

The possibility of holidays abroad and for the Germans is uncertain
“Don’t have high hopes” for travel abroad in the near future, German Foreign Minister Haiko Maas , on Friday , advised the country’s citizens on Good Friday , stressing that the situation will be re-evaluated at the end of April.

“Ultimately, in most countries there are entry restrictions, but even where it is possible to go, we must consider that the number of cases will continue to increase,” so that travelers cannot easily leave the area if taken. Additional measures, Mr Maas told BILD, referring to the growing interest of citizens in the possibility of traveling abroad.

The British minister is also reluctant to take a vacation abroad
Speaking on the same subject, the British Minister of Transport, Grant Sepps, stressed that he would not make reservations for summer vacations at this stage. “Obviously people want to see a light tunnel exit of this disease in the coming weeks,” he said in an interview. “It simply came to our notice then. I would not make a reservation for the summer holidays at this stage, let’s leave it for now “he added.

In fact, this statement of the British Minister infuriated representatives in the travel sector, as, as they claim, this is the gratuitous shot for a series of companies that are in danger of extinction due to the coronation.

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