Coronavirus: How are we going to take a vacation this summer? The head of TUI answers


The head of the tourist group TUI is trying to answer the question if and where we will take a vacation this summer . What he mentions in a letter to the group’s employees.

What will be the shape of our holidays this year?

TUI Board Chairman Fritz Jussen is trying to answer this question in a letter to the employees of the tourist group, excerpts of which are published by the German newspaper Bild.

In his prediction for this summer, the head of TUI appears rather optimistic, estimating that there will be trips, but in a completely different form: “Of course the trips will be different in 2020: other destinations, other security measures, different tourist offers in the place. of the holidays. But people want to travel and once tourism is able to start responsibly and safely, tourists will start traveling. ” He even points out that “instead of questioning the holidays and the summer season, we should agree on clear specifications. Both for the holidays at home and in Europe and the EU. ”

The start of the season has been postponed
But when will this year’s tourist season begin? “According to all indications, the center of gravity of the season is shifting backwards. The opening will probably take place gradually and by regions. The Balearic Islands and the Canary Islands, for example, will be able to receive tourists from the tourist areas of mainland Spain earlier. ”

Regarding the question of which countries will receive tourists this year, the head of TUI puts it this way in his letter to the workers: “Industry (tourism industry) and politics will have to do what they can to make as much as possible Travel is possible again. First of all, in the country itself, in neighboring countries and in countries that have not been so badly affected (by the pandemic) and which consider themselves well prepared. Greece, Cyprus, Bulgaria and Portugal are looking for a dialogue with us and are preparing intensively for the return of tourists. This, of course, presupposes the gradual adjustment of restrictions on travel and flights. ”

The way we travel is changing
According to the head of the TUI group, which, it should be noted, brings millions of tourists to Greece every year, the highest priority has been and remains the safety of customers and employees. “We are in close contact with the various governments at the national and regional levels regarding the specialized steps to resume our activities.”

Fritz Jussen estimates that from now on the way we travel will change radically. “The processes at airports, on our planes, in hotels and on ships are changing. We used to have high health standards, but now we are expanding them. Most likely the masks will come on the aircraft, as well as on other public transport. ”

Regarding the safety of tourists on the spot, for example in hotels, the tourism industry is called upon to find solutions to a number of questions, such as: “What should be the fullness of hotels and ships?” How will the restaurant be served, will there initially be more offers of apartments in our hotels and what sports activities will we offer? According to him, fixed meal times, small tables, fewer buffets and, of course, more staff should be expected. Details of all this, he says, will be announced in the coming weeks. “It is certain that we are prepared and will responsibly shape the resumption,” said Fritz Jussen.

Source: DW / Costas Symeonidis (Bild)

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