Coronavirus: How will Greece lift the restrictive measures & re-introduce tourism

When will the restriction measures be lifted?

When will our lives return to where we left off? 

And how will this be done? 

As the battle for the coronation continues unabated, everyone’s thoughts are on the next day and the government itself, as prepared in time before the virus arrives, must consider a plan to return to normalcy, which will not happen. from one moment to another. What is certain is that the lifting of the measures will not take place in April, but those who have good things will start gradually from May. The key word is exactly this: “gradually”.

Nothing is going to return like it was before the virus in one night. The first sign that we are close to lifting the measures will, of course, be a clear and steady reduction in cases. Only if it is certain that the curve has been lowered will the first attempt to lift the measures begin, so that if something goes wrong and the virus spreads again, the health system can withstand it.According to “Kathimerini”, the next step before lifting the measures is to have ready mass tests for the general population. It is considered necessary by all experts – as Mr. Tsiodras has said.New patients will have immediate intervention with restriction and tracking for any new dispersal in the community. So once we have this data – a declining course of events and, secondly, mass tests that will give us a complete map of society – then the first phase of repealing the measures will begin to be implemented. Some patients with immunity now and of course the healthy will be able to return to work part-time and following basic hygiene rules. The isolation policy will of course be strict for those who are ill or for specific areas. As is now the case with quarantined villages.

With the peak, then, the healthy and those who have immunity will begin to gradually recover major sectors of the economy. The dining area and cafes will only open if they have outdoor space, the services the same. The “new reality” will last about two weeks at a time, so that the spread rate is checked and in any case there is no risk of a new round of transmission. As long as the cases do not return to an upward trajectory, the measures will constantly relax.

A separate question is what will happen to tourism. During the week, government spokesman Stelios Petsas, answering a question from “K” about whether Greece will receive tourists this year, made it clear that the government will try to save everything saved from the tourist season. “If it is passed relatively quickly, then the tourist season, which culminates in the third quarter of the year, will not have such big losses,” Mr Petsas said, adding that if the corona continues to pose a serious threat and test health systems, ” then we will redesign our attitude. ”

Indeed, the will of the government is to save part of the tourist season. Although it is early, as it depends on how the virus develops worldwide, one of the thoughts is not to “open the borders” from specific countries where the virus has spread to Italy, Spain and Britain. In any case, it must be considered certain that anyone who comes to Greece, as soon as they get off the plane, will take a test.

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