Coronavirus: If we don’t pay attention, there will be a further lockdown

The representatives of the restaurants admit that if the situation does not change with the crowding phenomena, a new lockdown will come with the businessmen being the big victims.

The peak of the “iceberg” is the case of Mykonos , where a bar in the area was fined 20,000 euros and a two-month lockout after the crowd that prevailed at a party.

 Corresponding phenomena of synchronicity were observed on the three days of the Holy Spirit in similar companies throughout the country, but only at the beach bar in Ftelia a two-month lockout was entered.  
In a seaside or not bar, under the sounds of loud music and after drinking alcohol , people, especially young people, danced embracing without even the slightest distance to avoid the spread of coronavirus . The event was admitted by the general secretary of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants, George Kourasis , noting that in case this situation continues,  new lockdown, locally or in general, is at the gates , with dramatic consequences for businessmen. He also likened the mood of the bar’s customers to the prisoner ‘s syndrome, after a while they had the opportunity to have fun, forgetting the security measures.

“If something does not change, if we do not pay attention and if we do not cooperate, the strict lockdown will return and this will be to the detriment of entrepreneurs . Co-occurrence has been observed in businesses frequented by young people during entertainment and, of course, after alcohol consumption. Then the distance and safety measures slowly relaxed. The young people had the opportunity to have fun after a long time and presented the … syndrome of the released prisoner. Unfortunately, the phenomenon was observed throughout the country and of course it is not just a Greek phenomenon “, Mr. Kourasis emphasized

The islands are the big victims

According to the general secretary of the Panhellenic Federation of Restaurants, if the same situation continues, the big victims will be businesses in the island and other tourist areas , which have already been hit hard by the coroner’s crisis .
“Colleagues in the tourism business, who have already been hit hardest by the rest, will be most affected if this situation continues. It is very likely that some of them will not open at all this year or significantly reduce their staff. In my opinion, entrepreneurs have no share of responsibility. I don’t think there are entrepreneurs who tell their customers to “dance and hug.” Equally, everyone has taken security measures in their stores and is trying to protect their staff. If the customer drinks, it is very difficult for the entrepreneur to do something . Overcrowding did not occur in restaurants or cafes, but in bars where customers stand. When consumed easily, the measures are fatally relaxed“, Supports Mr. Kourasis.

According to him, the issue is of great concern to the federation, which has already recommended its members to be very careful. “During the week we will hold a board meeting and we will be very concerned about the issue. We will give new guidelines and emphasize that we must all adhere to the measures. We have to show a good face abroad as well “, Mr. Kourasis emphasizes. 


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