Coronavirus: If you suspect you have the virus, don’t go to hospitals -Where to call

There is no indication of continued transmission of the new coronavirus to the community in Greece, and it is not necessary to suspend other concentrations other than carnival, according to experts.

They stress that the suspension of schools will be re-evaluated in three days. Scientists recommend calmness and stress that people who have come from areas affected by coronavirus and who have symptoms of colds, cough, fever, runny nose, sore throat should contact the National Public Health Organization ( 2105212054 ) for instructions.

They reiterate that they should not go to hospitals alone because there is a risk that the virus will spread. However, as reported, hospitals are implementing a patient screening system, while a four-digit number is planned at ESA to address citizens.

At the same time for confirmed cases, they emphasize that the painful process of tracking their contacts and monitoring the health of their close contacts is continuing.

Based on an algorithm provided by the Ministry of Health and the National Public Health Organization, they are divided into high-risk contacts and low-risk contacts. For example, some who have been in a room for more than 15 minutes and have come into close contact with a handshake, a hug, with someone diagnosed with the disease, are considered close contacts and high-risk contacts. For these people, it is crucial that they be restricted for 14 days, monitor their health, and report symptoms to the authorities if symptoms appear. These people are important to confine themselves to at home. It is recalled that EODY has given instructions on what to do with suspected or confirmed cases.

We are preparing for the next phase, scientists say, and this is widespread dispersal in the community, where there is no clear source of the virus. Although most cases worldwide involve people with a specific epidemiological exposure history, or travel to specific areas, the epidemic is spreading to more and more countries, and there are more and more outbreaks in the community where there is no clear source of origin. And they repeat that no coronavirus is stuck because it will touch something, but because it will then put its hands in the mouth the nose. This is why they emphasize individual hygiene measures: frequent and thorough washing of hands with soap, water or alcoholic solution, avoidance of contact with people with symptoms of cold.


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