Coronavirus: Measures likely to be extended until January 31

It was considered a one-way street by the government and experts for the extension of the restrictive measures as the pressure in the hospitals is undiminished and while it has not yet been seen to what extent the opening of the schools burdens the spread of the coronavirus in the community.

The decision of the experts, which was accepted by the government, is the measures for the coronavirus to be extended until January 23.

However, next week the issue will be re-evaluated and the prevailing belief among government and scientists is that it will be safer for the restrictions that were implemented before the New Year to be valid until the end of January. That is another week a total of one month of restrictive measures.

By January 31, experts estimate that the Omicron mutation will have weakened the cases will return to manageable levels with the Health System “breathing”.

Only if the epidemiological picture and the situation in the hospitals improve significantly next week will the partial relaxation in the focus on music be put on the table for consideration, according to sources who are fully aware of the discussions between the government and specialists.

Which measures will continue to apply

-Mandatory use of high respiratory protection mask (KN95 or FFP2) or alternatively double mask (surgical or fabric) to enter supermarkets, supermarkets and public transport.

– It is mandatory to use a mask for the staff of the restaurants.

-Recommendation for high protection masks or the double mask where there is coloration.

-In entertainment and catering, the opening hours of the shops end at 12 midnight. Music and entertainment for standing up is prohibited, while up to 6 people can sit at the tables.

-In sports venues, stadiums, the presence of fans is allowed only at a rate of 10%, with a maximum of 1,000 people.

-In the care units for the elderly, in the care structures of the chronically ill, there is a possibility of a visit only if a 48-hour PCR has preceded.

-Also, in the hospitals there are strict conditions for the visit and the entry of the medical visitors is prohibited.

-Telework both in the services of the public sector and in the private companies, which reaches up to 50%, but also rolling hours, where this is possible.

Fines from Monday on the unvaccinated over 60 – Who are excluded

The government remains unmoved in the issue of fines for our unvaccinated fellow citizens over 60 years

The deadline to do at least the first dose of vaccination expires on January 16 and the sanctions start on the 17th of the month.

The administrative fine is 100 euros per month for as long as they remain unvaccinated.

Those who, for health reasons, can not be vaccinated will be able to submit a request for exemption until tomorrow, Friday 14 January at Applications will be answered within 7 calendar days.

The decision is notified electronically to the applicant and the treating physician.

During the period from the submission of the application until the issuance of the decision by the competent health committee, no sanctions will be imposed.

On January 28, those citizens who make a rejection decision must have made the first installment in order not to be charged the fine.

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