Coronavirus: New cases announced by Greek Health Ministry

Outbreaks in Greece reach number 84, according to official announcement by Health Ministry

Eleven new cases were announced by the Ministry of Health , which reached 84. Of them 81 are Greeks and 3 are of other nationality. Four cases have not been documented to correlate with another case. As Mr Said said. Tsiodaras , it is expected that outbreaks will increase in society as outbreaks cannot be traced. 

Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias referred to the need to protect vulnerable groups, people with chronic illnesses. In addition, high-risk individuals included the elderly. “It is our duty to protect vulnerable groups. I do not do that I want and ignore the instructions of the state and the experts. I urge the vulnerable groups to be careful, “Mr Kikilias noted in his measures to protect the coronavirus:” Those with flu symptoms should stay at home and restrict their movement. ”

The measures announced by the ministry include:
  1. A strong recommendation for avoiding travel wherever they are in patients over 70 years of age, people with chronic cardiovascular problems, chronic respiratory problems, diabetes mellitus and chronic immunosuppression.
  2. Strict adherence to hygiene measures and prohibition of visits to treatment units in hospitals.
  3. Provision for renewal of prescription for chronic patients by June 30 to avoid their relocation and possible exposure to coronavirus.
  4. Suspension of cultural and artistic events in indoor and outdoor venues involving more than 1000 people, as well as the Athens Half Marathon. 
  5. Strict adherence to hygiene measures at any rally involves more than 50 people. Mr Tsiodras also stressed that the Committee of Experts suggested the possibility of a teleconference to avoid the rally.
  6. Laboratory testing for any case of coronavirus should be done according to strict criteria as set by WHO.


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