Coronavirus: Official announcement Extension of lockdown for shops – Primary Schools open

Continued lockdown until Monday 18.01.2021 and then we re-assess the measures of the lockdown was announced by Nikos Hardalias. Primary Schools are opened with strict protection measures. “The goal is to open secondary education in the near future as well,” he said.

Papaevangelou: We must at all costs correct the increased dispersion created during the holidays

Vana Papaevangelou started the speech, referring to the epidemiological data announced today by EODY.

The professor spoke about a steady increase in cases in western and eastern Attica, but also in the center of Athens, recalling the need of maintaining the low viral load. “We are still waiting for the cases of the holidays,” she said meaningfully, while noting that there is an increase in cases in young people and stressed that we have a difficult and critical period ahead of us.

“The behavior of all of us will determine our fate”, she continued and reminded that after the suggestion of the experts, next Monday the kindergartens, the primary schools and the kindergartens will open.

It was also stressed that the fullness of ICUs throughout Greece is 60% and in northern Greece at 70%.

Then, Gikas Majorkinis spoke, referring to the epidemiological data of Greece and Europe, noting that our country is moving at “green” levels in terms of the positivity index.

In addition, he claimed that there is a “gradual decline in pressure on the health system”, although as he observed, the situation in the ICU remains extremely aggravated. He stressed that the committee is extremely concerned about the next two months.

The “padlock” on retail remains

Then Nikos Hardalias took the floor and announced that from Monday 11.01.2021 until Monday 18.01.2021 at 06.00 in the morning:

Kindergartens, primary and kindergartens are being opened , with all the protection measures already announced by the Ministry of Education . There will be different arrival and departure times, but also use of more entrances. Teachers will be able to take free tests through the special platform, while all measures such as the mask, antiseptics, cleanings and distances are maintained. They will also open in areas where special measures apply, but with special attention to their implementation.

The suspension of retail operations, hairdressers, nail shops, bookstores remains.

The measures for the Churches are also extended , as the services will be performed without the presence of believers. At funerals with the participation of first degree relatives and up to 9 people.

In companies , teleworking is still valid to the greatest extent possible.

The Undersecretary of Civil Protection said that the measures will be examined on a weekly basis and corresponding announcements will be made every Friday on how the country will move on.

In addition, he recalled the new air directive concerning all arrivals of passengers from international airlines which provides for a 7-day quarantine .

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