Coronavirus: On July 15, the effects of tourism will be visible – Concern for “unruly” tourists

Scientists are anxiously awaiting the completion of the first two weeks of the official start of this year’s tourist season, which was marked by the opening of our borders to foreign visitors. Then they will be able to evaluate, as they say, if there are obvious effects on the epidemiological picture of the country, from the arrival of positive in the disease COVID-19 visitors.


July 15 is the first critical date for the assessment by the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health of the possible consequences in the country, from the arrival of foreign visitors with a corona, 102 of which were located from July 1 until yesterday at its entrance gates. country. Everyone has already been placed in solitary confinement in quarantine hotels.

In her statements to, the emeritus professor of pathology at EKPA and infectious disease specialist, Mrs. Eleni Giamarellou points out that the completion of the first two weeks will show us the exact picture:

“We still don’t know what the consequences may be, as there is nothing documented, it’s too early. We have to wait until July 15. “Since the airports started and opened, we want to see what cases will arise to draw our own conclusions!”

Most “positive” tourists from Serbia – 120 “orphan” cases to Greek citizens

The 102 tourists who have been tested positive for coronary EODY, were led by the steps of the General Secretariat for Civil Protection in isolation, in the “quarantine hotels” throughout Greece. The vast majority were located in Promachonas, while more than 30 cases came from Serbia alone. The increase in cases in countries above the northern borders of Greece has troubled Greek experts.

According to Eleni Giamarelou, the increase in cases in the Balkans is due to the easing of measures, something that has not yet happened in Greece, as the expert points out:

“It simply came to our notice then. Or they did not implement the measures properly, as in the first part of the pandemic. There was not much dispersal, and as soon as the measures were likely to be relaxed, the number of cases increased. Where the measures relax, we have a repetition of history. And for us there is this danger. That’s why we should never relax the measures, mask, antiseptic hands and the distances of two meters. To observe them with reverence. I would not say that in Greece the measures have been relaxed to a worrying degree. If that happened then we would all be in big trouble. It seems that people are still resisting the pandemic. “

“In Promachonas, where our northern borders are, where the pandemic is boiling, there is a danger for Greece,” said Nikolaos Sypsas, a professor at the Athens School of Medicine at EKPA, who spoke to SKAI. The day our borders opened at the beginning of the summer and until today, we had about 450 new cases and 120 cases in Greek citizens, about which we do not know where they came from.

The so-called “orphan” cases do not seem to be related to travel, nor to tourists, so we have a dispersion in the community . “The virus is here waiting for our mistakes,” he said.

Danger from asymptomatic tourists and “unruly”

The 120 “orphaned” cases of Greek citizens who have not traveled abroad and no confirmed contact has been identified with a confirmed case of coronavirus, are the ones that are most worrying. As no one excludes cases of COVID-19 patients escaping border controls.

It should be noted that EODY inspections at the country’s entrance gates are sampling and some visitors may not have been checked. Others who were tested may have been in incubation time and did not have a detectable viral load at the time.

All of these positive asymptomatic patients who are unaware that they are ill may have traveled to various parts of Greece and are now the “mobile bombs” of the corona.

They react to quarantine

Some tourists, too (fortunately few) who have tested positive, seem to be reacting to quarantine. Their dissatisfaction is understandable and the competent bodies are doing their best to alleviate the fourteen-day isolation in our country. But some insist on not disciplining themselves.

A more recent example is a pair of Serbian tourists who tested positive for coronavirus and are asymptomatic. They were located at the checkpoints of Promachonas and were quarantined by EODY in a hotel in Halkidiki. However, they are putting pressure on the hotelier to return their passports so that they can return to their country, in violation of health protocols.

Another incident is that with a Swedish tourist, who entered our country and underwent a molecular test, but did not observe the 24-hour isolation until the results came out, deciding to … enjoy her walk in Athens.

Another incredible incident that took place in Crete was that a tourist from Romania was the “protagonist”  . According to cretapost, the woman was diagnosed with coronavirus but walked for 72 hours, until she was located by the local health authorities.

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