Coronavirus – Prohibition: Will Continue Until At least May 10

At least until May the ban on the movement of citizens will remain in force. This is reported by from the government camp. And that’s because, as the same information comes from a person who plays a key role in the matter of measures, ” on the one hand ahead at Easter, then May Day (en falls Friday and weekend) days on which many will want to travel to their villages, thus spreading the virus and in the meantime the Committee of Scientists under Mr Tsiodras hopes that the spread of coronavirus outbreaks in Greece will have taken its toll. “

Recall that open the possibility for continued curfew has left many times the Civil Protection undersecretary Nikos Chardalias,  while yesterday the Adonis Georgiadis was more specific : ” The restrictive traffic measures will not be until April 6. It will take much longer. Until the infectious diseases tell us that we have defeated the virus, ”  he said. Shortly afterwards, a spokesman for the Ministry of Health and the ESA, Sotiris Tsiodras,  told reporters yesterday,  answering a question about Italy, where there is a recurrence of coronavirus outbreaks, at the same wavelength. “It is certain that when we defy the enemy, it will definitely enter our home. If you relax for a while you will be attacked with fury. Any relaxation in the measures can have such effects. That’s why the measures have been kept for a long time, “ he added.

The parallel with Wuhan

At the same time, Mr Tsiodras in his briefing last Thursday 26/3 had argued that the European Center for Prevention compares the EU to the Hubei region of China, where the restriction lasted 10 to 11 weeks, adding that “lifting the measures would be disastrous”. . It should be noted that the quarantine was lifted in Hubei province of China last Wednesday, March 25th, while in Uhan, which is part of it and reportedly started there, the virus was only gradually released yesterday after more than two months. lifting of restrictive measures.

The first to mention a date beyond April 6 when the measures were in force was State Minister George Gerapetritis,  who in his recent statements to Sky had argued that   “it is particularly critical for the coming period and anyway by the end of April to check spreading”. Indeed, in the same interview the Minister of State did not exclude the imposition of new measures in case the forecasts of the Committee of Scientists are not verified. Mr Gerapetritis did not say what they might be, but according to the same information, the scenarios being considered are:

-The general prohibition of traffic without exception in certain areas, as it happened last Wednesday, March 25th, before the village of Echinos in the municipality of Mykis in Xanthi.

-Reduce cases where traffic is permitted, especially for the elderly and vulnerable groups and

-The general ban on flights, even domestic ones.

Gradual lifting of bans

At the same time on last Monday’s 23/3 update the infectious disease researcher, Mr. Tsiodras, argued that the scatter curve “looks like it has put a brake on. I don’t want to look over optimistic, but I’m glad I don’t see this exponential dramatic increase. I don’t mean to expect it, but we definitely bought time. And this time was invested, as you have heard, in the real strengthening of the health system. I wish we could buy even more time with these measures. It is very difficult in mathematical models to calculate how much these social distancing measures offer, as they are called. We look at it, look at it again and we will check it again. As the days go by, we will have a better picture. I can’t say that the curve has diminished, but it has certainly not increased dramatically and that should remain as an optimistic message of the day,

However, the same information from reports that even though everything goes according to the (positive) outlook of the Public Health Emergency Response Committee, it does not mean that the measures taken specifically with respect to the traffic ban , the “padlock” in business, and the operation of schools, will be lifted at once. On the contrary, everything indicates that this will be phased in by June, when, in the summer, it is officially introduced – and if the European Center for Disease Control and Prevention does not predict that Covid-19 could continue exist even when the temperature rises;  the risk of infections will be significantly reduced, even eliminated.

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