Coronavirus: Removal of mask and certificate for entry targeted for 1 April – The thoughts of experts

The Minister of Health Thanos Plevris submitted to the Scientific Committee of the Ministry of Health the plan of the government for the removal of the last restrictive measures for the coronavirus pandemic . At next Wednesday’s (30/3) meeting, experts will be asked to comment on whether this plan will give the coveted freedoms. 

The process of de-escalation of the restrictive measures against the coronavirus continues – albeit late – with the Committee of Experts deciding yesterday Wednesday (23/3), the reduction of the obligatory diagnostic tests from two to one per week for the students and the vaccinated teachers and increase to 100% of the capacity in the stadiums.

In the same plenary conference of scientists, the Minister of Health, Thanos Plevris, presented the roadmap for the lifting and the latest restrictive measures against the pandemic, which will have a start date of April 1 and an end date of August 31. And this, if there are no reversals in the meantime, that is a new mutated virus.

According to Mr. Plevris, this is “the overall plan of the Government for the de-escalation of the measures and the time of their de-escalation, which concern the tests, the entry in the closed spaces and the need to have a certificate, in order to enter spaces. “Based on the decisions of the Commission, the decisions of the Government will also be taken”, as he stated.

The president of the Panhellenic Medical Association (PIS) and member of the Committee of Experts, Athanasios Exadaktylos, claims to that this planning is necessary for society
: as a whole proposal. And we will discuss this proposal next week. Once we arrive we will be able to tell you how things will turn out by August 31st. And always under the condition that nothing will happen that will bring a reversal in the data. “The whole society must know what the horizon is in front of us”, he states.

What is included in the plan to lift the measures

As happened with many European countries – so in our country – the time is approaching when we will abolish the use of the mask in certain indoor areas, but also the obligation to show a vaccination certificate in closed public areas (shops, restaurants, restaurants, etc.) .
The grid of new parameters that will compose our new daily life, however, remains complex, according to the president of doctors (PIS):

“We have to decide on the use of the mask of different levels in different interiors. There are also rapid tests, self tests, PCR tests on various social activities and work responsibilities. There are certificates, which are used in different places and are of two speeds -especially in tourism- since they have different expiration times in Greece and abroad (European certificate). It is also the operation of the schools and many other things “, Mr. Exadaktylos emphasizes.

Remove the mask and certificate before Easter?

According to information from, the government plans to abolish the use of masks and vaccination certificates before Easter.

Although no one can discount that this will be possible, the president of PIS, Mr. Exadaktylos points out that in any case Easter this year will be much better than last year:

“We have to have a basic attention during the Easter period because it is the period when there are many opportunities for the virus and even permanent opportunities. We will not celebrate Easter, like last year, in any of the cases. “We will travel freely, we will have fun freely, we will move freely, we will not have last year’s situation”, as he says.

All this will happen under the condition that there will be no new mutation, he states and emphasizes that we are not done with the pandemic. However, we can now make larger-scale forecasts and plans than in the past, he added.

“Based on the forecasts, yes we are able to plan the next steps. Unless of course we have a new mutation. “If something is overturned, of course, we are here to fix it”, the scientist concludes.

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