Coronavirus: Restaurants and cafes are closed – 190 outbreaks in Greece! 

The coronavirus sweeps through Greece, the cafeterias… are closed and the government has taken tougher measures! Pharmacies and supermarkets remain open. What will not work. Watch the video with the announcements.

It was preceded by a teleconference of infectious agents who participate in the Public Health Incident Response Committee.

Shortly after 18:00 on Friday 13.03.2020, official announcements came, with the government deciding to “lock” cafes and restaurants, as had told you .

Coronavirus: Crowded squares and cafes bring tougher measures!

All of this comes both as a precautionary measure and as an “antidote” to situations that have been recorded over the past 24 hours and show that individual responsibility has gone … a walk ! The images, as well as these, made impressions, with recording them throughout the last few hours.

“I had said we would take whatever measures were needed to protect our fellow humans. Today we are expanding the measures to prevent the spread of the coronavirus, ”said Vasilis Kikilias, launching the briefing.

And he continued: “Firstly, because new cases have occurred. Secondly, the restrictive measures are not observed. I will say again that we are fighting a battle that will be judged by who will show individual responsibility and collective consciousness, ”said Health Minister Vassilis Kikilias.

Coronavirus: 190 outbreaks in Greece

Mr Tsiodras then spoke and stressed: “We are reporting a total of 190 cases, 36 of which are under investigation. 11 cases have no connection. 5 are seriously ill and are intubated. To date, 2,700 inspections have been completed. ”

What about the new measures?

 Closed everywhere!

There are shopping malls, cafes, bars, cafes, out-of-town catering, libraries, beauty centers, museums and archaeological sites, and indoor sports venues.

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