Coronavirus: Return to normalcy with the abolition of measures – When will we throw away the masks

Government Spokesman Giannis Oikonomou gave a signal for relaxation or even the abolition of some measures against the spread of the coronavirus , stating that Greece will follow the trend that exists in Europe as well.

The coronavirus model is being implemented in more and more countries as part of normal life.

The Committee of Experts meets on Wednesday, with a clear suggestion from the Government: if the epidemiological data getsbetter and the “hard markers” (intubated and deaths) show de-escalation, the measures imposed before the celebration should finally be lifted. .

Thus, except for the unexpected, from next Monday the standing guests return to the entertainment. customers at tables.

In addition, the government’s suggestion is to give the “green light” for school trips from next week, but also to increase the percentage of fans in the stadiums. According to information Government and experts are expected to find a golden section and agree in full 50% from 10% currently in force. Although the suggestion of Megaro Maximos is to completely remove the restriction.

Why Halloween (carnival Parades) are “sacrificed”

As for the carnival events, it is a common belief that Halloween must be sacrificed in order to “ensure” regularity afterwards. The tourist season should start smoothly, which for cruises starts in March, and then the tourism engine should develop speed.

Sacrificing the “Carnivals” it is estimated that we will finally win comfortably at Easter in the village. Even without masks.

Are the masks leaving too?

Despite the fact that the masks were a strong bulwark against the virus, with the de-escalation of the epidemiological picture of the country, and in view of the beginning of the tourist season, the time is coming when they will leave our lives.

According to information, the removal of the mask outdoors is expected to take effect from the last week of February, most likely from the 24th of the month.

The lifting of the measures concerns only the vaccinated citizens. The restrictions currently in place for the unvaccinated will continue.

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