Coronavirus – Sixth death in Greece reported, 30 in ICU care and modelling suggest up to 3000 cases currently in Greece

Another dead from coronavirus in Greece. Reportedly, the 6th victim in our country was registered in Kastoria.

According to local media and alphafm this is a 70 year old man with many health problems. His doctors did a coronary test, but the unfortunate man exhaled before the result. However, shortly after the death of the 70-year-old, the sample obtained was positive.

In ICU 30 patients – Over 20 intubated
Reportedly, 30 patients with coronary artery disease are currently being treated at Intensive Care Units (ICUs). At the same time, the number of patients being treated intubated is rapidly rising as they have reached 20. Within a few hours, this is a matter of concern to the scientific community as it was just announced yesterday that the intubation was 13 , and within hours this number was up. 20.

Tsiodras: Outbreaks of coronavirus in Greece are estimated at 2,000-3,000
On Wednesday, in an official update on the new cases of coronavirus, infectious disease specialist Sotiris Tsiodras, after citing data available to the health ministry, added that according to mathematical models , cases of coronavirus in Greece are estimated at 2,000 – 3.000 .

Referring to the treatment of severely ill patients, Mr. Tsiodras said that in Greece we also apply some of the models of France in the treatment, which as it was shown in a recent study led to the negation of 96% of the patients who followed it.
At the same time, he reiterated that the main objectives of the audit focus on patients with severe symptoms and explained that the course of the disease is adequately monitored in two ways and with the criteria set by international organizations. One involves samples taken by people in hospitals and ICUs and the other will be sampled in the general population as it is organized in the coming days. It has already been announced that 500 workshops will visit home suspected cases of coronavirus in order to receive the necessary material for the tests.

Mr Tsiodras was clear that in the short term the numbers will make no sense as only serious cases and only those in need of hospitalization will be announced.

The role of isolation is crucial
Finally, the professor reiterated once again the importance of isolation and avoidance of meetings as this remains the most important means of reducing the spread of the virus in the community. In particular he said that we should limit ourselves to family contacts only and when asked if anyone suspects that he is ill or ill in the family environment he said that he should have his own room or possibly even his own toilet. In the case of persons belonging to a vulnerable group, all necessary protective measures, such as the use of a mask, should be taken and avoid contact with their relatives.

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