Coronavirus: Stricter measures -Close on bars, possibly cafes and restaurants imminent

The government will take stricter measures to curb the spread of coronavirus by initially closing the bars while considering closing cafes and restaurants.

The new measures are expected to be announced and taken immediately, as schools and universities have been shut down as people crowded into cafes, restaurants and bars without any concern, and that has sounded an alarm to the scientific community. In fact, they say that overcrowding helps spread the coronavirus.

A source from the interior ministry told that a new Legislative Content Act (PIF) is being prepared for the measures, which will be ready within the next 48 hours.

Italy-type measures are coming

Reportedly, new measures to include closing the bars will be announced tomorrow Saturday by Secretary-General of Civil Protection Nikos Chardalia and Infectious Disease Sotiris Tsiodras.

Staff meetings are currently underway and reports are under way that Italian-style measures for coronavirus may be taken, including the closure of all health-care shops (restaurants and cafes), but this measure has not yet been locked.
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