Coronavirus – Supermarket: Increases in sales are stunning – The 30 most popular products in Greece

The Greek supermarket has been under tremendous pressure in recent days, due to the sharp increase in demand caused by the surge in coronavirus .

Supermarket chains and the Ministry of Development are calmly addressing the situation, assuring that there are stocks for any eventuality , even if certain supplies – all running in full today – are temporarily shut down.

Nevertheless, a significant proportion of Greek consumers, alarmed by the scenarios for the development of coronavirus, rush into supermarkets in large numbers , making irregular purchases.

Coronavirus: Sales figures are “amazing”  At + 90% turnover
Note that the advice given by the Foreign Authorities to the most anxious citizens is to stock up gradually: that is, not to “pick up” everything in one visit, but to buy more products on consecutive visits, so as not to disturb the supply and serve more citizens.

According to secure information from , data show a sharp rise in sales over the last week, and concerns about coronavirus have begun to increase. As it turns out, daily turnover in the last few days has increased even by 90% in supermarkets compared to a regular period, while sales in over 50 product categories have increased by an average of 245%.

The 30 products in which coronavirus was in demand
Supermarket chain data shows significant similarities in consumer behavior with those observed abroad. The only exception is toilet paper, where sales have only begun to record a 200% increase in recent days.

At the top of the list of preferences remain antiseptic (antibacterial) wipes, where sales increased by over 1500%. Here the -exafanismena longer, antiseptic gel (+ 740%), the Liquid Soap (+ 620%), the pasta (+ 475%), the pulses (+ 460%), the flour (+ 390%) and soap (+ 380%).

Immediately following are disposable bleach and gloves (over + 300%), canned (+ 275%), salt (+ 250%), infant milk (+ 225%), frozen vegetables (+ 220%). ), tomato paste (+ 210%) and toilet paper (near + 200%).

Very big increase in sales – that is between + 100% and + 200% – recorded in: baby food, baby wipes, vinegar, sugar, kitchen paper, olive oil, margarine, oil paste, greek coffee, foil, shampoo, instant coffee filter, frozen meals, toast bread.

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