Coronavirus – Sypsas (professor of infection diseaese) – There is no safe tourism

Koronoios – Sypsas: I am worried about overcrowding on the islands – There is no safe tourism
Professor Nikos Sypsas, a professor of infectious diseases at the University of Greece, spoke about the danger of overcrowding in areas of Greece regarding the spread of coronavirus .

Speaking to SKAI’s main bulletin, Nikos Sypsas cited the crowding of people in Katehaki , outside the asylum service, as an example , stressing that the State should take steps to avoid similar incidents.

As he said, in March and April the people followed the instructions of the state, but suddenly they believe theories that the virus was lost, that all this is exaggeration and other fake news. “The big risk is the behavior of the citizen. There we are in danger of a pandemic and not of the rest “, the infectious disease specialist noted.

What the infectious disease specialist said about the cases of coronavirus in Lamia and Xanthi
Nikos Sypsas decided that the cases in Lamia should not worry us much. “It’s probably controlled because we know the case, it’s being tracked, the contacts are being checked,” he said.

“What worries us and what will be seen in the coming days is what is happening on the islands, in the bars. This worries us because in two weeks we may see even worse numbers than what we see now, “he said of the crowds in Mykonos and other bars over the weekend.

Finally, for Xanthi , where schools had to be closed, the infectious disease specialist claimed that “what we are seeing now is the results of Ramadan where there was congestion.” Mr. Sypsas commented that we are observing a local epidemic and the spread of coronavirus. The situation is under control, it is a geographical area and there is a possibility of local lockdown, he added.

Nikos Sypsas: There is no safe tourism, we take a risk

However, the infectious disease specialist was also asked to comment on the issue of the transmission of coronary heart disease by visitors who will visit Greece . “It should be made clear that there is no safe tourism, we as a society take a risk for economic reasons and everyone knows that,” said Mr. Sypsas about the risks of transmitting the corona by visitors to our country in the summer. “Beyond that, the burden of control falls mainly on the area where the tourist will arrive so that we can quickly isolate the case,” he said.

The infectious disease specialist noted that a major European-level discussion was under way regarding air travel amid a pandemic of coronavirus. However, Nikos Sypsas stressed that the choice of sampling control upon arrival remains. As the sample tests said, “they won’t cover us at all, that’s for sure, and we’re sure we’ll have imported cases.” “It’s a risk we’re taking,” he said.

“Decisions concerning tourists are decisions that are constantly evolving and can be revised according to developments,” said the infectious disease specialist, who stressed that the primary concern of the authorities is hospital admissions and intubation. Authorities are also monitoring the “R” index, which should not be on the rise.

WHO has made many mistakes in the coronavirus
“Unfortunately the WHO has made many mistakes, this was the last one because the next day they came out and revised it,” said the infectious disease specialist, announcing the World Health Organization that asymptomatic people do not transmit the virus. “So our initial knowledge is valid that the asymptomatic and the pre-symptomatic transmit, we know, it is true and this is the great danger for the coronary artery,” said the professor at the University of Athens


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