Coronavirus -Sypsas: We are not finished, we are still in danger -When will the 2nd wave happen for the country

Concerned about the evolution of the pandemic of coronavirus in the country today expressed Infectious Diseases Professor Nikos Sypsas.

Speaking to SKAI, he referred to the relaxation of the measures by the citizens as well as the images of overcrowding. 

“It’s not time to relax” 
As he explained recently, citizens do not listen so much. “They’re hearing fake news and they think they can get out.” At the same time, he pointed out that the greatest danger in Greece is the bad behavior of the citizens, for example with the parties, crowds, there may be an over-transmission of the virus and we may have its rapid recovery.

“Overcrowding can bring rapid recovery of the coronavirus” 
“The virus is transmitted without symptoms and therefore spreads rapidly.” 
Also, Mr. Sypsas stressed that it will be a bad bell if the cases in our country increase. “When we have many cases of recurrence of cases geographically and every day we have an increased number of cases. That is, an increasing trend in the curve. This will be a very bad bell. ” As he himself explained, the R0 transmission index in Greece at the moment is low, but around half we have ups and downs and there are concerns at the moment that at some point it may go up. 

“The corona pandemic has accelerated tremendously – we’re not done”
At the same time, the increased cases in Germany are causing concern. “It can happen in Greece tomorrow and if it happens we will be led to a very bad situation that I do not even want to imagine,” said Mr. Sypsas. 

The professor said that in the last 8 days there have been more than a million cases in the world than in the first 3 months, emphasizing that the pandemic has accelerated worldwide. “We are still in the first cycle and it may come back, while in Greece less than 1% of the population has antibodies, that is, no one.”

“Many consider the coronavirus measures too much”
Mr Sipsas also referred to other countries, such as the United States and Sweden, which preferred not to close their economies, and the result was that they had many deaths and their economy eventually collapsed. 

As he noted for Greece, the first wave has passed but there is a risk of recovery. “The virus is all around us, it is in the society, we see it with the outbreaks of the local ones, for example Thrace , Thesprotia, we have the imported cases that are increasing.” Regarding the images of overcrowding on the ships, he said that if all these people have cases that are spreading and if they go down to an island, then the news about the island is very bad. It could be a major local pandemic in South Korea, where an asymptomatic man killed 85 people at a bar.

“Aim not to let the 2nd wave of coronavirus come in the summer”
Regarding the second wave of the corona, he stressed that “the goal is not to have the second wave in the summer because we will have a big problem badly. If we take it out without accidents, then we expect it in the fall and late in the fall, that is, in November, early December “, while regarding the vaccine, he said that he estimates that we will have it from next summer if everything goes well.
“We have a long way to go for the vaccine. If all goes well we will have it in 1 year to 18 months. Next year the summer will be similar to this year “. 

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