Coronavirus: The measures implemented by Fraport Greece at 14 airports

All that passengers need to know

Fraport Grecce announced the measures it is taking because of coronavirus at 14 airports.

The announcement in detail: At these critical times for the country and the public health of citizens and travelers, the 14 regional airports management and operation body has been in constant contact with the Greek State Authorities, including the National Public Agency, since January. Of Health (ESAE) for the implementation of Coronavirus related measures.
For the purpose of better informing the passenger public about the measures we are announcing the following:

– For COVID-19 we adhere strictly to the action plan adopted by the ESA which is in line with the contingency plans prepared by our company at the requirement of international and national regulatory framework and approved by the Civil Aviation Authority. .

– In cooperation with the Fire Brigade, we have taken all the necessary risk reduction measures for Fire Brigade officials. At the Fire Stations and at the frequency provided, thorough cleaning and disinfection takes place in all predetermined areas.

– Since January 2020 we have been provided with quantities of personal protective equipment for the management personnel (masks, gloves, antiseptics, disposable robes, headgear and goggles).

– The security officers (security) at checkpoints passengers on departure obligatory wearing masks while wearing gloves provided anyway in the standard procedure in all of Greece Fraport airports management.

– Airport staff consistently make recommendations for compliance with at least 1.5 meters for passengers waiting at both check-in and departure gates.

– In order to avoid the use of passenger buses for embarkation and disembarkation, the walk-in-the-walk procedure is applied as far as possible , that is, passengers walk from the terminal to the aircraft and vice versa, instead of going to and from them by bus.

– From the very first moment of the virus in our country and according to the emergency plan, possible casualties, as well as the places where passengers can be affected by a flight outbreak, have been designated at all of our airports of responsibility.

– In order to prevent an increased transmission of Coronavirus and / or a potential outbreak or virus carrier to our staff but also to ensure the continuation of the operation of the major airport infrastructure in the country, we have regulated our staff shifts and delivery procedures. / shift in such a way that they do not come into contact.

– At the same time, we have provided a biological waste management system for disinfection of aircraft, vehicles, installations and the management of potential incidents in our premises.

– Possibility of disinfection after a possible or confirmed case by the use of necessary personal protective equipment by cleaning companies.

– The cleaning crews have intensify the cleaning / disinfection preventive services in all public areas of the airport. Analytically:

1) Arrivals: after each arrival , thorough cleaning and disinfection of anything that comes into contact with the human hand (ie knobs, doors, straps, handrails, elevator buttons, seats, tables, taps, washbasins, appliances etc.).

2) Departures: after each departure, thorough cleaning and disinfection of everything that comes into contact with the human hand

3) Check in: completing the check-in process of a flight thoroughly cleaning and disinfecting anything that comes into contact with the human hand

4) Gate counter: with the completion of boarding a flight thorough cleaning and disinfection of anything that comes into contact with the human hand

5) Automatic cash machines (ATMs) meticulous cleaning

6) In the passport and customs control areas used to serve passengers, after each use , thorough cleaning and disinfection of any contact with the human hand shall be carried out.

7) Other non-controlled communal areas, as above, thorough cleaning and disinfection of any contact with the human hand

– With regard to passenger checkpoints and baggage (Security screening points): after each departure of the flight passenger or where this is not possible every three hours , thorough cleaning and disinfection in what comes into contact with the human hand ( storage containers and tapes)

– In WCs, thorough cleaning and disinfection of all toilets (door knobs, doors, faucets, sinks, basins, appliances etc.). At the same time, handkerchiefs are installed in airport WCs and soap and running water are regularly checked to ensure maximum personal hygiene for passengers and employees, in line with WHO and Public Health Authorities guidelines.

– Fraport Greece staff offices are thoroughly cleaned and disinfected at regular intervals.

– Installation tensa-barrier in front of the counter of the check in and sales offices (sales desks) in order to maintain a safe distance during the check-in process and ticketing. At the same time, we have gone ahead with the ban on public access to the identity offices and the use of gloves by the identity officers has become mandatory

– Furthermore, with a high sense of responsibility towards society and Public Health, aiming at preventing the transmission of the virus through contacts but also for the purpose of ensuring the continuous and uninterrupted operation of our company, we have proceeded to implement work from home (teleworking). for the staff of our offices in Athens.

Finally, through frequent updates to all our staff, we support the “We Stay Home” initiative and communicate the recommendations and measures of the ESA.


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