Coronavirus: The new covid level map – Which areas have changed level

Seven areas are at level 4 (“increased risk”) this morning due to the coronavirus pandemic .

The health safety map of the Civil Protection changed from 6 in the morning, as the lockdown is in force in the Regions of Thessaloniki, Rodopi and Larissa. With these three regions, they increased to seven that fall into category 4, while at the same time other regions have changed category, upwards.

Which other areas changed category
As of today, apart from the three aforementioned Regions, other regions of Greece are also changing category. From level 2 the Regional Units of Pella, Drama, Evros, Xanthi, Kilkis, Halkidiki, Kavala, Pieria, Imathia go up to level 3 (“orange”). Also, from level 1 go up to level 2 (“yellow”) the P.E. Messinia and Arcadia. Drama even went up two categories compared to last week.

The measures that start in Thessaloniki, Larissa, Rodopi
From 6 in the morning, in Thessaloniki, Rodopi and Larissa, the obligatory use of a mask is foreseen indoors and outdoors, the traffic ban from 00:30 after midnight until 05:00 in the morning, the ban on the movement of citizens outside the regional as well as the suspension of all gatherings in public and private spaces.

Also, the operation of the following is suspended:

  • Courts, Prosecutions, Mortgage Offices, all kinds of Cadastral Offices and Branches of the body “Hellenic Land Registry”
  • Archaeological sites, museums, caves
  • Live performances and auditions, other performing arts
  • Movie screenings
  • Rehearsals, TV and Cinematography: Suspended Film and Television Filming – Video Conference Rehearsals
  • Nightclubs including banquets, catering, bars
  • Music Stage
  • Catering [only in-store product take-off, delivery and drive-through services are allowed]
  • Playgrounds
  • All kinds of games and training [only individual sports are allowed]
  • Gyms
  • Trade fairs-Sunday markets and other markets of article 2 of law 4497/2017 (A ‘171)
  • Hairdressers, personal care services, etc.
  • Conferences / Exhibitions
  • Amusement and theme park services

The exception announced by Hardalias

However, there will be an exception in travel, as stressed by N. Hardalias . The only exception to the measures provided for level 4 is the issue of land, sea and air connections as well as travel to and from these areas, for practical reasons related to citizens’ planning.

The exemption of travel from the general measures of level 4 for these three areas will be valid until Monday at 6 in the morning.

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