Coronavirus: The possibility of removing the vaccination certificate before Easter is open – What changes are coming

Infectious disease specialists are meeting today to further relax the measures for the coronavirus .

However, Gikas Majorkinis, yesterday, in an interview with ERT, signaled many impending changes in terms of the new daily life that has been formed due to a pandemic.

Gikas Majorkinis left open the possibility of abolishing the vaccination certificate for the coronavirus and the disease certificate before Easter.

As Gikas Majorkinis, Assistant Professor of Epidemiology at the Medical School of the University of Athens and a member of the Committee of Experts of the Ministry of Health, told ERT, among other things, we will soon see a rapid decompression in the indicators of the coronavirus pandemic. to eliminate cases “.

Finally the covid pass before Easter?
Referring to Easter, Mr. Majorkinis said that the chances are 50% that we will not have the vaccination certificate then: “It is a chance that we will not have the Covid pass for the restaurants”, he stressed.

“The tough indicators were on a downward trend, which has been somewhat burdened,” he added, noting, however, that “the health system in our country is not under pressure.”

As Mr. Majorkinis said, vaccines and the natural immunity that exists have played a big role in the development of the pandemic in our country, since many people have become ill, while soon the treatments with pills that will be administered by mouth.

“Gradually, deaths and people who need significant help will be reduced. We are currently in fluctuations. “We do not see an exponential phase of the pandemic,” he said.

According to the Professor of Hygiene, the members of the Committee of Experts are monitoring the situation, expressing their optimism for improvement.

Gikas Majorkinis: What will happen with the 4th dose of vaccine
Regarding the administration of the fourth dose of the coronavirus vaccine, he expressed the opinion that it is expected to be given to those over 70 years of age, except for the vulnerable groups. “We are not going to see boosting doses for the rest of the population and children any time soon. If necessary, we will see it from September or October “.

Commenting on the results of a study that states that 25% of children who have the disease develop Long Covid syndrome, Mr. Majorkinis said that we should be cautious:

“Children who have had it severely are more likely to have symptoms that last up to 12 weeks,” he said.

Speaking about the deaths of patients with coronavirus outside the ICU, after the relevant announcement of EODY, Mr. Majorkinis stated that they mainly concern elderly people and seriously ill people.

Finally, speaking about the masks, he said that “they came to stay” in terms of hospitals and certain categories of our vulnerable fellow citizens.

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